Make it simple, make it Smart!

Smart SoftPLC is open architecture control at its finest:

  • Powerful P.A.C.
  • Selectable I/O Interfaces
  • 12 Ports! Ethernet, serial, DH+/RIO, more
  • Data logging, email/text messaging
  • On-board documentation

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SoftPLC Web Studio

SCADA / HMI Software

  • Graphical Interface
  • Alarms, Trends, Reports, more...
  • Powerful scripting, database support
  • Hundreds of drivers
  • Runs on all Windows, Embedded, WinCE
  • Built-in Web and Mobile Clients

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Unmatched Capabilities!

  • Up to 16 simultaneous protocols
  • Up to 100M data words
  • Supports application logic
  • Data logging
  • A-B RIO/DH+-great for PanelView/Drive Upgrades

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A-B PLC Migrations

Upgrade to a modern PAC

  • Import existing logic & doc't
  • Keep existing A-B I/O & wiring
  • Keep existing HMI
  • Keep existing network (eg: DH+)
  • Low risk, low cost!

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SCADA power at an HMI price!

  • Hardware options to suit your environment
  • Alarms, Trends, Reports & more!
  • Powerful scripting, database support
  • Web & Mobile Clients

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Remote Management Platform for IoT/Industry 4.0

  • Easily monitor/control/troubleshoot remote systems
  • Cloud-based web browser remote access
  • Efficient M2M cellular communications
  • Email/Text Alerts
  • Interface to databases/SCADA via the cloud

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Combined Controller + SCADA

  • Full featured Programmable Automation Controller
  • Embedded virtual SCADA runtime
  • Saves cost, space & reduces maintenance
  • Interface via any web browser

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Low Cost I/O

NEW! S-Series

  • Use with any Modbus or ModbusTCP compatible controller or computer
  • Use with any SoftPLC or Web Studio HMI
  • High density at lowest cost

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1336/1395 & Other A-B Drive Upgrades

  • Replace old A-B RIO/DH+ Drives
  • Supports any brand Ethernet or serial drive
  • Multiple drives per gateway & up to 3 bluehose networks
  • Simple parameter configuration from old to new drive

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MicroLogix Alternative

In Stock

  • Alternative to MicroLogix
  • Re-use existing logic/doc't - better import than Micro800 or CompactLogix
  • Similar I/O mix and physical size
  • Use same HMI

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SoftPLC Info Button

PACs, PLCs, RTUs, HMI/SCADA, Protocol Gateways and more . . . We provide the heart of your automation systems.

We're SoftPLC Corporation, an industry leader in open architecture programmable automation controller systems and industrial software. Our customers know us as providers of quality, state-of-the-art products and legendary technical support. With thousands of companies using our products in applications ranging from simple machines to complete distributed plant-wide process control systems, we prove daily that the company, our employees and our technology are top-notch.

If you need machine or process automation controllers, operator interface/SCADA, or industrial communication products we offer feature-rich, value-priced solutions. Explore our website for product information, success stories, and more. And feel free to contact a SoftPLC sales application engineer to discuss your needs and we'll help you select a great solution.

Controllers & I/O

Controllers I-O

All SoftPLC Controller CPUs provide a rich set of standard features, and we offer local, remote and networked I/O. A range of hardware and firmware options are available to support any application requirements.


Web Studio HMI

Our Web Studio SCADA software is available for your Windows PC, or in our panel PC-based HMI's in sizes from 7" and up, as well as virtual/headless options for web browser interfaces. TagWellTM driver for low cost remote SCADA solutions.

Gateways, IIoT, +

Protocol Converter

Flexible, multi-protocol converters and communication gateways. A-B RIO/DH+ gateways! Industrial switches, remote access solutions, cloud-based HMI/SCADA & more.

A-B Migrations

A-B PLC Upgrades

Least downtime, lowest risk, lowest cost PLC-5, PLC-2, SLC-500, or PLC-3 Upgrades. Solutions for MicroLogix, PanelView and Drive migrations, too! Automatically convert applications while replacing minimal hardware components.