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Quick Start Guides, Specifications, User Manuals and Application Notes for SoftPLC Corporation hardware products.

  • SoftPLC PAC CPU's & Gateways Hardware Documents

    Smart SoftPLC/Smart Gateway

    NeoPAC SoftPLC's & Gateways

    • SoftPLC NeoPAC Data Sheet
    • Features/specifications of the NeoPAC SoftPLC.

    • NeoPAC Quick Start Guide
    • Quick start communication configuration and troubleshooting guide for NeoPAC family products.

    • Smart/NeoPAC SoftPLC & TOPDOC NexGen User Guide (version 5)
    • User Guide includes Smart and NeoPAC SoftPLC hardware, and use of TOPDOC NexGen for configuration for firmware version 5 SoftPLC's. It also describes how SoftPLC operates, common troubleshooting techniques, etc. Detailed programming, instruction set, and software use are in the product's online help system.

    Hardbook SoftPLC's & Gateways

    • Hardbook SoftPLC Data Sheet
    • Common features of all Hardbook SoftPLC controller CPUs. Many different models are available. For individual product data sheets, please see the Hardbook product page or our Web Store.

    • SoftPLC Hardbook Quick Start Guide
    • Quick start communication configuration and troubleshooting guide for SoftPLC Hardbook family products.

    • SoftPLC A-B Remote I/O Driver TLM for use with the 1784-KTx
    • Describes the installation, usage, and functionality of the driver for SoftPLC that is used with the Allen-Bradley 1784-KTX, -KTXD, -KTS, -PKTX, -PKTXD, and -PKTS cards for Remote I/O connectivity.

    • Hilscher Driver User Manual
    • (Profibus, DeviceNet, Profinet, many others)Our powerful Hilscher driver lets SoftPLC be both master and/or slave on the network! Communicate to any compatible products from up to 8 Hilscher interface cards for PCI, PC/104 and other buses. The network configuration software comes with the interface card.

  • NOTE: The Web Studio HMI software user manual, a tutorial, and driver setup information is in the Web Studio software online help system. You can download the software at Software.

    Web Studio HMI Hardware Documents