Tealware Isolated Relay Output Module, 16 points: SYRY20


Price: $315.00


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SYRY20 Overview

  • 16 individually isolated channels, 2A/point
  • Operating range 5-125 VDC/12-250 VAC
  • Maximum current 2A/point
  • On time <= 6ms/Off time <= 3 ms
  • Module is hot swappable under power

Note: This module requires an external 24VDC power supply, such as model ICO-PS1524 or ICO-PS4024.

A-B Equivalent

About Tealware I/O

Tealware modules mount into a backplane. Configuration options include high speed local I/O or ModbusTCP Ethernet I/O configurations:

Common features to all Tealware modules make your control system robust, and simplify installation and maintenance:

  • Detachable front-end terminal blocks for easy module replacement without re-wiring
  • Front Panel LED display for status monitoring/troubleshooting
  • High noise immunity
  • Automatic Configuration - Module addressing based on location (not DIP switch) for easy system configuration & maintenance (manual configuration option also available)

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