SoftPLC Web Studio Windows Runtime: SSR-W


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Runtime Size - Windows

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SoftPLC Web Studio Runtime Software for Windows

The SoftPLC Web Studio Runtime license is used to execute a Web Studio application on a Windows computer.

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Communication drivers* and support for all tools are included (eg: alarms, trending, graphics, reports,....). To order, select the license size to accomodate the number of tags you need (typically about 30% more than the number of real I/O points).

SSR-x package includes:
  • (1) Runtime license, with default softkey protection (hardkey can be purchased as an option)
  • Support for (1) Web Thin Client, (1) Secure Viewer Thin Client, and (1) SMA Thin Client concurrently connected to the runtime

Key Features:

  • Powerful, yet easy and intuitive, object oriented graphic displays/li>
  • Alarms, Trends, Events, Recipes and Report functions
  • Run applications from anywhere using 3 different types of remote view clients
  • Interfaces to SQL relational databases
  • Distributed, multi-level application security
  • Comprehensive diagnostic and troubleshooting aids
  • Over 240 built-in direct communication drivers, plus OPC server and client support

* Some advanced driver packages are available as add-ons.

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