Electrical Protocol Drivers for SoftPLC Web Studio: SSR-ELDVR


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Electrical Protocol Drivers Package for SoftPLC Web Studio

This communication package add-on enables drivers for the DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol Version 3) or IEC (IEC 60870-5-104) protocols often used in electric power systems. The DNP3 driver connects using serial and IP connections, while the IEC driver connects over Ethernet only.

Features of DNP3 and IEC 60870-5-104 Protocols

  • Protocol design provides a reduction in communication channel bandwidth use, and communication that is reliable and resistant to electric interference
  • Time stamping to maintain traceability within the process - tracks exactly when an event occurred (versus when the SCADA system noticed it)
  • Supports polling only the changes in data, vs having to read all information each time
  • Unsolicited reporting: data that changes during the process is automatically reported to Web Studio with a timestamp
  • Supports classes of data (eg: so prioritized data may be read more often)
  • Reliability Checks on data received, even on serial connections
  • Interoperability between multi-vendor equipment - SoftPLC Web Studio can be also used as a Gateway on these networks to share data with PLCs or other controllers that do not support these protocols

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If you are adding this package to an existing SoftPLC Web Studio license, specify the registration number to receive an updated license key.

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