PanelBuilder Import Wizard: SSD-PBW


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PanelBuilder Import/Conversion Utility Overview

The Import Utility for PanelBuilder32 is a powerful and innovative add-on for SoftPLC Web Studio, which can dramatically reduce the cost and hassle of modernizing the automation system in your facility. With this utility, you can migrate your old, proprietary PanelView HMI to an open and flexible PC-based architecture, which will continue to evolve with the latest technology.

Items converted include:

    A-B Equivalent
  • Tags Database (Name, Type and Description)
  • Screens (frames, objects, shapes, properties and dynamics)
  • Alarm messages
  • Communication Interfaces
  • The Import Utility converts applications from PanelBuilder32 software* to Web Studio file formats. Once converted, the application can be run on any SoftPLC HMI (Cat No SSH-x), or your own Windows-based computer. You can also edit a converted application and enhance it with the many features in SoftPLC Web Studio such as Trends/Alarms, Event Logs, Recipes, Reports, Math Scripts, Web-based/Thin-Client viewers, and much more...

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