SoftPLC Embedded Web Server Package: SPZ-WEB


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About the SoftPLC Web Server

The SoftPLC Web Server (Cat. No. SPZ-WEB) can be added as a software option to any SoftPLC® controller or Gateway. The Web Server software runs in the SoftPLC CPU, there is no additional hardware required. For TagWell systems, the SoftPLC Web Server can be used for onsite access to local copies of TagWell web pages, via direct ethernet or wireless/bluetooth connections.


  • No specific HTML editor required
  • Supports HTML pages, Java, C++, and other popular web technologies
  • View pages in any web browser
  • Web pages (including HTML source, images, scripts, pdf files, etc.) reside in the SoftPLC flash disk, available via FTP/SSH for access/updates
  • Multiple web servers supported in a single SoftPLC to allow for operator, service and management pages/sites
  • Virtually unlimited clients supported simultaneously
  • Each Web Server task is allocated only a small, fixed slice of SoftPLC time, ensuring SoftPLC remains a deterministic controller

Ordering Information:

This optional package is pre-installed when purchased with a new SoftPLC controller/Gateway. Existing systems can be field-retrofitted (firmware versions 4.6 or higher). When ordering SPZ-WEB as an add-on to an existing system, specify the serial number in the order. Our technical support team will contact you with instructions on how to install the package.

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