SoftPLC Hot Standby Arbitrator: SPZ-HSA


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SPZ-HSA Overview

The SoftPLC Hot Standby System can be used in process control systems that cannot easily tolerate downtime due to single points of failure. A Hot Standby system consists of:

  • (2) SoftPLC controllers, identically configured and using ethernet remote I/O (hardware component)
  • (2) Hot Standby Loadable Module (Cat No SPZ-HS), one in each SoftPLC Controller, which provides the redundant, bumpless transfer feature
  • (1) SoftPLC Arbitrator (Cat No SPZ-HSA)

The SoftPLC Arbitrator (Cat No SPZ-HSA) is a "dumb" device which functions as a pass-through (or block) for the communications from the two Hot Standby SoftPLC CPUs to the remote I/O. The Arbitrator ensures that only one unit will be able to control the I/O. Features:

  • (4) port Ethernet switch, for connection to SoftPLC CPU's and remote I/O network
  • (2) serial ports for health status monitor connection to SoftPLC CPU's
  • Redundant power supply, accepts power from multiple sources and can supply redundant 24VDC power (eg: to SoftPLC CPU)
  • LED's indicate status and current Master/Slave roles of connected SoftPLC CPUs
  • Toggle switch to manually force Master/Slave role swap

Ordering Information

Package includes Arbitrator, serial and ethernet cables to connect from the Arbitrator to the redundant SoftPLC CPU's.

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