SoftPLC SendEmail/Text Package: SPZ-EML


Price: $100.00

SoftPLC Serial Number (if applicable)

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SoftPLC SendEmail Package Overview

The SendEmail Package is a loadable module (TLM) that allows a SoftPLC Controller or Gateway to send email/text messages via a mail server on the network. This package is required for each SoftPLC that is to send Email/Text messages.


  • Send Email or text messages
  • Messages can be triggered by events, time, or other conditions via ladder logic
  • Send to multiple recipients
  • Supports sending attachments, such as a data log file
  • Messages can include data table values

Ordering Information

This optional package is pre-installed when purchased with a new SoftPLC controller/Gateway or can be added to an existing system (firmware versions 4.6 or higher). Please specify the serial number of existing product(s) when ordering as a user add-on.

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