Bus Interface Card for SoftPLC Hardbooks, PCI (old): SPO-P50x


Price: $995.00

Field Bus Network


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SPO-P50x Overview

A Hardbook SoftPLC or Gateway with available PCI slots (Models HB1/2/4) can utilize up to (8) of the SPO-P50x interface cards to communicate to devices on a variety of field bus networks. Any mix of up to (8) interface cards can be used together (limited by the number of available PCI slots in the SoftPLC).

NOTE: These cards are compatible with all SoftPLC runtime versions, but are being phased out. If you are using SoftPLC version 4.6 or later, the SPO-PCIX interface cards are recommended instead of the SPO-P50 style card.

Ordering Information

Includes PCI card, appropriate bus firmware and Windows-based network configuration software (the same software is used for all available network protocols).

For each SPO-P50x, specify the field bus network. If ordered with a new SoftPLC Hardbook, we will install the card(s), load the appropriate driver(s) and test the assembly prior to shipment.

Available Protocols
  • DeviceNet - Master & Slave
  • Profibus - Master & Slave
  • Interbus - Master (limited qty available, call before ordering)

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