A-B PLC CPU to Smart SoftPLC Migration Kit: SPMK-PLCx


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Size (I/O & MBTCP Server & EIP Capacity)

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A-B PLC Family Conversion


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A-B PLC to Smart SoftPLC Migration Kit Overview

If you have an Allen-Bradley PLC-2, PLC-5, SLC-500, or even a 1774 PLC system, you can upgrade to a modern solution using a Smart SoftPLC A-B Migration Kit. Convert your existing logic and documentation, keep using the same I/O, communication network, and HMI/SCADA/DCS system (if desired) - saving you untold re-engineering costs!

This First-Time Migration Kit Includes:

A-B Equivalent

NOTE: Also order separately an A-B RIO Adapter Kit to replace each rack-mounted A-B CPU and local adapter (1771-AL) in your I/O racks. For PLC-5/PLC-2/1774 PLC use MISC-1771ASBKIT, for SLC-500 use MISC-1747ASBKIT.

Ordering Information

  • Smart SoftPLC includes all supported serial and ethernet protocols as standard, configurable in any mix. If you desire support for Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus (DH+) or additional Remote I/O (RIO) channels, these must be factory installed. Up to 3 blue hose channels are supported.
  • Other Smart SoftPLC features are available, such as local I/O, embedded HMI, wireless, extended temperature and more. If you want any of these, configure/order the CPU using the Smart SoftPLC link from the menu, and add the other items in this kit separately.
  • The SoftPLC "Size" determines the maximum number Allen-Bradley logical I/O racks supported (I and O addresses). The table below summarizes the available sizes:
SoftPLC Sizes
Cat No Suffix Input (I) Addresses Output (O) Addresses ModbusTCP Server Connections Ethernet/IP Connection Bytes
LT 128 - 1 logical rack 128 - 1 logical rack 2 64
1K 1024 - 8 logical racks 1024 - 8 logical racks 16 512
2K 2048 - 16 logical racks 2048 - 16 logical racks 32 1024
8K 8192 - 64 logical racks 8192 - 64 logical racks 127 4096

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