SoftPLC NeoPAC Gateway: SN1G


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SoftPLC NeoPAC Gateway Overview

A complete solution for industrial data communication and management! SoftPLC NeoPAC Gateways are powerful and flexible communication protocol converters, bridges, and data concentrators.

  • Protocol Bridge - Read/Write data between up to 16 simultaneous networks. Virtually unlimited data capacity.
  • Data Logging - Store time-stamped information in choice of file formats. Store data locally, on a network drive or in the cloud.
  • Alarm Notification - Send email or text messages. Highly customizable alarm triggers and list of recipients.
  • Reporting - Generate text or CSV reports. Send reports or data logs as email attachments, or store on any accessible drive.
  • Remote Access/Control - Embedded web server provides ability to view and change data values/states via web pages.
  • Virtual HMI - Embedded Web Studio runtime provides HMI functions, including sophisticated alarm management, real-time trending, remote SQL database interface and more.

NeoPAC Gateways are ideal for moving data between equipment controlled by different vendors, providing a path for staged migration from older technology based on proprietary networks to new and ethernet-based systems, or combining data from multiple networks to a single ethernet/cellular channel for data analysis or other high-level systems, plus many other applications.

Ordering Information

  • Note: NeoPAC Gateways use TOPDOC NexGen software for programming, configuration and troubleshooting. A free TOPDOC NexGen license is included with your first SoftPLC purchase!
  • All NeoPAC Gateways include all supported serial and ethernet protocols as standard, configurable in any mix. If you desire support for Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus (DH+) or Remote I/O (RIO), the port must be factory installed - specify by selecting the BH (blue hose) option.
  • Select any desired remote access and/or virtual HMI features. If the remote access connection will be other than wired Ethernet, an external modem/interface is required. See Modems/Wireless for options, or contact SoftPLC to discuss TagWell cloud-based solutions and approved third-party interfaces.
  • The Size only applies if you are using ModbusTCP Master, Ethernet/IP, A-B RIO or DH+ protocols. Select the Lite (LT) version if you are not using these protocols.

    The Size determines the maximum number of ModbusTCP server connections, Ethernet/IP tags and Allen-Bradley logical I/O racks supported (I and O addresses). The table below summarizes the available sizes:
SoftPLC Sizes
Cat No Suffix ModbusTCP Server Connections Ethernet/IP Tags Input (I) Addresses Output (O) Addresses
LT 2 16 128 - 1 logical rack 128 - 1 logical rack
1K 16 128 1024 - 8 logical racks 1024 - 8 logical racks
2K 32 512 2048 - 16 logical racks 2048 - 16 logical racks
8K 127 2048 8192 - 64 logical racks 8192 - 64 logical racks

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