Smart SoftPLC CPU (v4): SMS4


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Size (I/O & MBTCP Server & EIP Capacity)

Smart Local Tealware Interface

Comm Port Option 1

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Comm Port Option 3

Smart Wireless (internal)

Remote Access Features

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Smart SoftPLC Overview

Smart SoftPLC, Backplane3 with Tealware modules

Smart SoftPLC's are versatile Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs). All features of the SoftPLC Runtime Control Software are included. Users have virtually unlimited capacity for program logic and data table, data logging, recipes, etc. Plenty of communication ports with configurable drivers and I/O interface options make Smart SoftPLC's perfect for a wide range of control applications, as well as performing communication gateway (protocol conversion) functions.


  • (4) port managed GB Ethernet switch/router, user-configurable protocols
  • (1) stand-alone GB Ethernet port
  • (1) RS-485 port, user-configurable protocols
  • (3) option slots for factory-added internal hardware interfaces for protocols such as A-B DH+, A-B RIO, RS-485 and more
  • (2) USB 2.0 host ports, one w/ OTG support
  • Supports up to 16 simultaneously active user-selectable Ethernet/serial/proprietary protocols to hundreds of I/O products, devices and networks
  • 512MB RAM user memory for virtually unlimited logic and up to 100M words data registers
  • 8GB on-board eMMC flash
  • 802.11 b/g/h WiFi interface (requires optional SPO-WIFIMOD for antenna connector)
  • Supports optional internal cell modem (SM4-CMDM1)
  • internal MicroSD slot for removable flash
  • Extensive ladder logic capability for control, computations/data manipulation, and more
  • Alarm notification via email or text message, reports/logs can be sent via email attachments
  • Embedded web server option with read/write data ability
  • Embedded virtual HMI option for operator interface via any web browser, remote SQL database interface, and more (Web Studio runtime)

Ordering Information

  • Note: Smart SoftPLC uses TOPDOC NexGen software for programming, configuration and troubleshooting. A free TOPDOC NexGen license is included with your first Smart SoftPLC purchase!
  • If you want to use Tealware local I/O, specify this above in Local Tealware Interface
  • All Smart SoftPLCs include all supported serial and ethernet protocols as standard, configurable in any mix. If you desire support for Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus (DH+) or Remote I/O (RIO), or additional RS-485 ports, these must be factory installed - specify them above in Option Ports 1-3.
  • If you want to use the WiFi support, this requires factory installation of an internal antenna extension and connector - specify this above in Wireless Options.
  • If you want the internal cellular modem, this requires factory installation - specify this above in Wireless Options.
  • Select any desired remote access and/or virtual HMI features. If the remote access connection will be other than wired Ethernet, the internal WiFi/cellular or an external modem/interface is required. See above or Modems/Wireless for options, or contact SoftPLC to discuss TagWell cloud-based solutions and approved third-party interfaces.
  • The Size only applies if you are using ModbusTCP Master, Ethernet/IP, local Tealware I/O, A-B RIO or DH+ protocols. Select the Lite (LT) version if you are not using these protocols.

    The Size determines the maximum number of ModbusTCP server connections, Ethernet/IP connection bytes, force-able discrete I/O, and Allen-Bradley logical I/O racks supported (I and O addresses). The table below summarizes the available sizes:
SoftPLC Sizes
Cat No Suffix ModbusTCP Server Connections Ethernet/IP Connection Bytes Input (I) Addresses Output (O) Addresses
LT 2 64 128 - 1 logical rack 128 - 1 logical rack
1K 16 512 1024 - 8 logical racks 1024 - 8 logical racks
2K 32 1024 2048 - 16 logical racks 2048 - 16 logical racks
8K 127 4096 8192 - 64 logical racks 8192 - 64 logical racks

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