MLX-PLC, Micro SoftPLC w/ Mixed I/O: MLXP325-MN1-A1


Price: $1600.00

Size (I/O & MBTCP Server & EIP Capacity)

Micro/NeoPAC Wireless (internal)

Remote Access Features

CPU Operating Temperature


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Micro SoftPLC models MLXP325-MN1-A1 Overview

The MLXP325-MN1-A1 combines a Micro SoftPLC with an I/O block that includes DI/DO/AI/AO to create a compact, DIN-rail mount programmable automation controller suitable for small I/O count applications.


  • (1) GB RJ-45 Ethernet port (10/100/1000MB), user configurable protocols
  • (2) USB Host communication ports
  • DIN-rail mount, approx 10-1/4 x 3-7/8 x 2-7/8 inches (WxHXD)
  • Simultaneously supports multiple user selectable Ethernet/serial protocols to hundreds of other vendor I/O products, devices and networks
  • 512MB RAM user memory for logic and up to 100M words data registers
  • 8GB on-board flash for application, web pages and data logging
  • Optional Micro SD flash for data logging - externally accessible
  • Extensive logic capability for data concentration, scaling, mapping between networks, and more
  • Alarm notification via email or text message, reports/logs can be sent via email attachments
  • Firmware options for a virtual HMI via an embedded web server or embedded Web Studio runtime
  • (12) 24VDC sinking digital inputs + (4) fast inputs that can also serve as 1 High-Speed Counter
  • (12) 24VDC sourcing digital outputs + (4) fast outputs that can serve as PTO/CFO/PWM
  • (5) analog inputs, 0-10V or 4-20/0-20ma, individually selectable, 12 bit resolution
  • (2) RTD inputs, Pt100/Pt1000, 3-wire
  • (4) analog outputs, 0-10V or 4-20/0-20ma, individually selectable, 12 bit resolution

Ordering Information

  • Note:The MLX-PLC uses TOPDOC NexGen software for configuration. A free TOPDOC NexGen license is included with your first MLX-PLC purchase!
  • Select any desired remote access and/or virtual HMI features. If the remote access connection will be other than wired Ethernet, an external modem/interface is required. See Modems/Wireless for options, or contact SoftPLC to discuss TagWell cloud-based solutions and approved third-party interfaces.
  • There are (4) available license sizes, which determine the maximum number of ModbusTCP Servers, Ethernet/IP Tags and/or digital I/O points supported (analog I/O is unlimited). (All SoftPLC Sizes support up to 254 ModbusTCP client connections when the SoftPLC acts as a ModbusTCP Slave.) The table below summarizes the available sizes:
Runtime License Sizes
Cat No Suffix MBTCP Connections Ethernet/IP Tags Discrete Inputs Discrete Outputs
LT 2 16 512 128
1K 16 128 1024 1024
2K 32 512 2048 2048
8K 127 2048 8192 8192

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