Tealware Expansion I/O Base, 6 module slots: IOBASE06


Price: $210.00


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IOBASE06 Overview

The IOBASE06 is a Tealware Expansion I/O Base with 6 module slots and 1 power supply slot.

Any mix of up to 6 Tealware I/O modules mount into this backplane. I/O Bases connect to a Smart SoftPLC or Smart Adapter equipped with a Local Ports interface via an Expansion I/O Cable. Up to (3) I/O Bases can be daisy chained from a single connector on the Smart LocalPorts interface, using these Expansion I/O Cables.

A-B Equivalent

About Tealware I/O

Tealware modules mount into a backplane. Configuration options include high speed local I/O or ModbusTCP Ethernet I/O configurations:

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