A Series 8 Channel Isolated Digital Input Module: ASIO-4052


Price: $130.00


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ASIO-4052 Overview

  • 6 fully independent isolated channels
  • 2 isolated channels with common ground
  • Isolation voltage: 5000 V RMS
  • Input Voltage: Logic level 0: 1 VDC max. Logic level 1: 3~30 VDC

About A Series I/O

A Series I/O modules with Modbus capability can be used with any system that communicates using Modbus serial RTU protocol.

Common features to all A Series modules include:

  • Robust, yet low cost option for low I/O count or distributed I/O systems
  • Detachable terminal block for easy module replacement without re-wiring
  • Mount onto DIN rail or wall, multiple modules can stack atop each other to minimize space requirements
  • Small size (60x110x27mm)
  • High noise immunity, 2500 VRMS
  • 10~30 VDC power input, low power consumption

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