Terminal Block for Tealware High Density Analog Modules: AD04X-TB


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AD04X-TB Overview

The AD04x-TB is a DIN-rail mount Screw Terminal module to accept field wiring. It connects to high density Tealware Analog Input modules via a Cat No HDIO-CBL cable to its DB37 female connector.


  • Screw-clamp terminal blocks allow easy and reliable connections
  • Case dimensions (W x L x H): 87.2 x 112.5 x 51 mm (3.4" x 4.4" x 2.0")

The AD04ƒƒx-TB can be used with the Tealware modules in the table below.

I/O Module
Module Description
16 channel Analog Input Module, Voltage
16 channel Analog Input Module, Current

About Tealware I/O

Tealware modules mount into a backplane. Configuration options include high speed local I/O or ModbusTCP Ethernet I/O configurations:

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