A-Series I/O


A-Series I/O is a cost effective remote I/O system. It is a good choice for applications that need only a few I/O points at multiple locations, or a mixture of signals at a location. A-Series modules are available for Ethernet or serial RS-485 connection to any SoftPLC PAC, SoftPLC Web Studio HMI/SCADA system, or any controller or software product that supports the supported driver for the specific A-Series module(s). Also available in this product line are Ethernet switches and media converters.

Featured Products in this Category:


ModbusTCP Modules

A-Series I/O modules that communicate using ModbusTCP. Single port (models 60xx) and dual-port (models 62xx) daisy-chainable versions are available.

Modbus Modules

A-Series I/O modules which communicate using ModbusRTU serial protocol. Models ASIO-41xx are "robust", and have an extended operating temperature range.

Serial RS-485 Modules

A-Series I/O modules that communicate serially over a RS-485 network via a proprietary protocol and/or Modbus (where indicated). Robust modules (models ASIO-41xx) operate in extended temperature ranges. All SoftPLC controllers support these modules.

EthernetIP Modules

A-Series I/O modules that communicate on EthernetIP or ProfiNet networks. These modules all have dual Ethernet ports for daisy-chain capability.