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October 2013

Get a Smart!  The "Swiss army knife" of industrial automationSmart SoftPLC/Gateway/Netbox

SoftPLC's Smart family provides the most flexible, powerful, and cost-effective products on the market for a wide range of industrial automation functions. 

A Smart does everything from remote machine access and alarming, to data logging, to multi-protocol gateways, to advanced PAC and computing functions (Programmable Automation Control), to web browser-based HMI, and more.

Combined with our TagWell M2M platform, the Smart gives you a complete solution for everything from collecting & accessing data to controlling the entire machine/process - all for less than the cost of most single-purpose industrial managed switches!

Ethernet Switch / Router Industrial 10/100MB router w/ (3) LAN RJ45 ports, (1) optional LAN fiber port & (1) WAN RJ45 port
VPN / Firewall Secure communications on Ethernet and PPP, including VPN tunneling
Remote Access Modem Optional modem for cellular, phone, or other remote access to any devices connected to the Ethernet and certain serial port(s)
Data Logger Virtually unlimited logging to multiple formats & storage media (eg: USB stick, flash, network drive, more)
(6) serial ports, Ethernet, PCI-104 bus with numerous industrial protocols for remote access gateway and protocol conversion applications
Alarm Management Capture and report alarms via email, SMS, data table variables for use with HMIs or direct to I/O
Programmable Extensive ladder logic and C++ capabilities
Local and remote I/O interfaces and drivers support hundreds of vendor products
Web Server Embedded HMI, compatible with any browser & HTML development tools
DIN/panel mount,  -20~70oC, 12-48VDC power w/ PoE

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Remote Facility Control/Monitoring with TagWellTM

CorWorth Building A package called the CorWorth Management System (CMS) uses a SoftPLC PAC and TagWell to provide parks & recreation personnel the ability to remotely monitor and control buildings.  CorWorth specializes in the design, manufacture and monitoring of high-quality modular buildings, such as public restrooms, concession stands and modular offices.

CMS Cell Phone Web MonitorThe CMS system includes a secure TagWell cloud-based site that provides a web browser user interface.  Maintenance personnel can view and change the current building status through their phone or PC,  and also receive email/SMS alerts from the CMS in the event of alarm conditions.  Management has the ability from a more detailed web page to view more detailed information, change building schedules, control user access, etc.

With the CMS, maintenance personnel are notified of problems such as light bulb outages, water leaks, vandalism, freezing temperatures or other damaging events via email/SMS.  Through the web page, monitoring of current status and manual override control of building functions are possible. 

In normal auto mode operation, the CMS locks/unlocks doors, turns lights on/off, tracks cleaning events, etc. and monitors for abnormal conditions such as overflowing toilets, septic tank high levels, and more.  A SoftPLC PAC controls and logs the building functions, and sends the status and alarm data to TagWell.  Through TagWell, SoftPLC troubleshooting and program changes can be done.

Cost savings and more efficient, safer and public-friendly parks & recreation facilities are delivered with the CorWorth CMS.  The monitoring cost per month is less than a single service trip, and the complete system ROI, including equipment and installation costs, is in most cases well under 1 year.

Oil/Gas well monitoring via TagWellTagWell and SoftPLC remotes (PACs or Gateways to existing control systems) can deliver these same benefits to other industries/applications - oil & gas (eg: well/tank monitoring), remote generators, water pump/lift stations, and many others.

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