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November 2010

Do you know where your PLC's program documentation is?

ALL user application documentation -- tagnames, rung comments, address descriptions, watch lists, and more are stored in the SoftPLC CPU!

If you've ever had to troubleshoot a PLC controlled system without the corresponding documentation, you'll really appreciate this SoftPLC feature!

Every SoftPLC application includes not only logic, but also all the documentation, database information, etc.  So as you work either offline or online, the documentation is maintained and kept up to date.  The documentation is embedded into the upload/download application file.

Since all SoftPLC's have at least 64MB user memory, capacity is not an issue.  What's more, a highly optimized communication technique ensures that not only the initial connection, but all program monitoring, is lightning fast, even with the largest applications.

With SoftPLC's embedded FTP and SSH servers, you can also store supplemental documentation on the flash disk and easily access them via ethernet.  Examples include system drawings, specification sheets/user manuals, logic printouts,etc.

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"Industrial Automation - Small is Beautiful"

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This article discusses the benefits of working with innovative, agile automation companies versus large, slow-moving organizations.

SoftPLC Corporation is one of these innovative, agile automation companies, with proven leadership in industrial control for over 27 years.

We have numerous "industry first" inventions to our credit over our 27 year history, and continue to add more with each new product release.

Our open architecture products have been structurally designed from day one to ensure our ability to easily and inexpensively add new features or customizations for a customer's specific needs.  As an agile company, we can also quickly allocate resources to meet those needs.

So if you need something a little bit out of the ordinary, give SoftPLC a call!

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