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May 2010

Protocol Converters/Gateways

Smart GatewayIndustrial control systems often utilize devices with different network interfaces and communication protocols.  To move data between devices, a Gateway (protocol converter) is required.  SoftPLC Corp's Smart Gateway is a flexible, rugged and cost-effective solution for these applications.

More Flexible!  Other vendor's gateways typically support only 2 protocols (eg: from protocol X to protocol Y).  Every Smart Gateway includes all supported protocols and the user can choose which to enable - up to 16 different protocols per Smart Gateway.  No need to maintain/learn multiple sets of hardware.

More Data!  Each Smart Gateway supports up to 100 million data registers.  The user can configure how much data space is allocated to each enabled protocol.

More Ports!  A Smart Gateway has a built-in managed 4 port 100BaseT Ethernet switch, with 2 interfaces for routing functions and PoE (Power over Ethernet).  Any Smart Gateway can also include an optional fiber interface.  Serial interfaces include 5 RS-232 ports, plus an optional 6th COM port for RS-485 or other serial protocols, or as a phone modem interface.   With an optional PCI-104 connector, a Smart Gateway can support up to 3 PCI-104 interface cards to networks such as Profibus, DeviceNet or other buses.

More Intelligence!  Smart Gateways support user logic for functions such as data scaling, logging, totalizing, etc.  This capability makes the Smart Gateway a great solution for data concentration applications.

More Security!  With the Firewall option, users can protect a Smart Gateway from unauthorized access on any ethernet or modem connection, and even set up a VPN for secure remote access.

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MicroLogix Alternative Special Offer!

Free programming software 'til 6/30/2010!

A Smart SoftPLC provides similar hardware specifications to MicroLogix 1400/1500 systems:

  • Application logic & documentation can be automatically converted with little or no reprogramming needed

  • HMI/SCADA applications need few, if any, changes

  • Goods are in stock

Smart SoftPLCBonus Features!  A Smart SoftPLC includes as standard capabilities that could eliminate other components in your panel.  For example, the Smart SoftPLC includes an embedded Ethernet switch/router, 5 serial ports (with DF1, Modbus and ASCII support), direct Fiber connection, and a $135 option to add an internal Remote Access Modem (vs $927 for a 9300-RADES).

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