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June 2013

New! Low Cost Data Highway Plus Interface

Our Smart SoftPLC and Smart Gateways can now be equipped with up to (2) Data Highway Plus ports, providing customers with older A-B PLC's even more reason to consider SoftPLC products as they migrate from obsolete technology to modern solutions.

Gateway Application Example
Users can upgrade HMI's or other devices on the DH+, leaving the A-B PLC's unchanged.  The new HMI doesn't need a special DH+ interface, and can communicate to the Smart Gateway on Ethernet or serial using A-B or Modbus drivers.  The change to the HMI and the Smart Gateway are "invisible" to the A-B PLC(s).

DH+ Gateway Appl Example

A-B PLC Upgrade Examples
Making our A-B PLC Migration solutions even better, we can now support customers leaving their existing DH+ network in place, with an Ethernet ready PLC when they decide in the future to upgrade the network.

Import the logic & documentation, use existing I/O, wiring, HMI's, networks - and get a better and state-of-the art PAC (Programmable Automation Controller).

A-B PLC Migration Example

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TagWellTM - Remote System Management & Control Solutions

TagWell Demo

SoftPLC PLC Corporation's TagWell solution provides a powerful and configurable platform for comprehensive and scalable remote control system management. TagWell utilizes Internet cloud technologies and low-cost M2M cellular communications.

tagwell platform

Combined with our field-proven industrial controller and communications gateway product line, TagWell makes it easy to remotely monitor, control, acquire data, and troubleshoot remote systems, machines, and other devices via a combination of the Internet and a cellular network. The TagWell user interface is customer specific web pages that can be viewed on any browser - this includes PC's, tablets, and even smart phones!

TagWell, combined with SoftPLC remotes, offers a truly unique solution for the M2M/cloud-based remote asset management marketplace.

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