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January 2012

A-B PLC Migrations

If you have a machine or process controlled by a legacy Allen-Bradley PLC, we can provide you the lowest cost, lowest risk, and least downtime upgrade path to a modern PAC platform.Video Title Screen

This short video describes how easy it is to replace a PLC-5, PLC-2, PLC-3 or SLC-500 with a state-of-the-art SoftPLC Programmable Automation Controller.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Legacy A-B System:

  • Old system cannot be expanded to perform new tasks (eg: out of memory or I/O capacity)

  • Old system cannot connect to Ethernet

  • Old system cannot provide machine data desired

  • Cost of upgrading is less than cost of repair/spares

  • Old system PLC maintenance software doesn't run on current PC's

SoftPLC w/ A-B I/O Rack

You can keep your existing I/O and HMI - and you won't need to re-wire, re-program, or train personnel!

Migration Kits start at

only $1250!

Kits include:

Smart SoftPLC w/ A-B RIO Interface

A-B PLC Logic/Documentation conversion service

TOPDOC NexGen (SoftPLC programming/maintenance software)

P/S, cables, and more

More details can be found at http://softplc.com/products/migrations/plc/.

Contact us to learn more!

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TOPDOC NexGen Demo available for download

TOPDOC NexGen is the programming, configuration, troubleshooting and documentation software for all SoftPLC controller based systems.  FTOPDOC Screeneatures include:

  • Offline program development and documentation

  • SoftPLC controller and I/O configuration

  • Online monitoring and troubleshooting

  • Program upload/download

This demo includes the offline functions, so that you can enter and document ladder logic, and explore other features of TOPDOC and SoftPLC.

Contact us for details on how to download the demo!

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