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December 2011

Data Logging - Free, Flexible and Easy
with SoftPLC Programmable Automation Controllers

Chart recorders and stand-alone data loggers are not only costly, they are an additional piece of equipment that requires maintenance and cabinet space.  SoftPLC controllers provide a range of data logging options that allow users to eliminate these components.

Multiple data formats:

  • Log to .csv format for easy import into spreadsheet programs

  • Log to compressed binary format for high volume or high speed needs (we provide a utility to convert binary to text for analysis on another computer)

  • Binary format also provides secure data for regulated industries that must meed governmental requirements (eg: FDA or EPA)

Multiple data files:

  • Support for simultaneous logging to multiple data files

  • Log to both .csv and binary from a single SoftPLC

Multiple storage media:

  • Log to any fixed disk - SoftPLC's internal flash or a networked drive

  • Log to removable media, such as a USB flash drive

Multiple data transfer options:

  • SoftPLC, through ladder logic or an HMI command, can send the file to any drive

  • Send the file as an attachment to an email sent by the SoftPLC PAC

  • Access the file via FTP/SSH over Ethernet (including remotely via modem, wireless, or the Internet)

It's simple to define which points are to be logged, then use ladder logic to determine when data is logged - by time, event, etc.  You don't have to buy  separate data logging equipment - a SoftPLC can do the control and the logging!

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SoftPLC Web Studio UpdateSoftPLC Web Studio HMI

A service pack update to SoftPLC Web Studio SCADA/HMI software version 7 is now available for download to customers in support.  The update is not just fixes, a host of enhancements have been added, including:

  • TLS/SSL Encryption to support more email providers (eg: Gmail)

  • End User Customization to allow users to turn projects into products w/ their own installer

  • Enhanced trend drawing to allow average rather than raw data values

  • Enhanced trend to include SPC information for each point

  • Enhancements to Project Security system

  • Enhanced support for LDAP

  • New unlimited license to support up to 10M tags

  • Enhancements to improve system speed performance through user selectable tweaks

  • New communication drivers, including DNP3* and IEC 60870-5-104*

Contact us for more info or details on downloading the update!

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