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May 2008
Programmable Automation Controllers and more!

SLiCk Convert
NEW! Tiny Hardbook Processors
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Controller Based Documentation SLiCk Convert -
Upgrade your controls without re-engineering
AND reduce cost!
Never be without your ladder logic documentation again!

your application documentation such as rung comments, tagnames, address labels, watch lists, and more are embedded in each SoftPLC controller. 

Have you ever gone to work on a machine or process and found that the application documentation files were not available, are not compatible with your current software, or have not been kept up to date with the program logic?

SoftPLC based systems include all the application documentation  in the controller, and as part of the upload/download file.

What's more, our advanced algorithms and communications make connection time between the programming software and the SoftPLC CPU extremely fast, even for the largest applications.

NEW!  Tiny Hardbook SoftPLC Processor
Tiny HardbookMeasuring only around 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.4 inches, the Tiny Hardbook SoftPLC Processor is an excellent solution for applications needing a low cost controller or data acquisition/web-based reporting system.  Ethernet or serial I/O can be used with this system for local, remote or distributed installations.  With the built-in firewall, wireless modem, embedded web server and email capability, this CPU makes a great RTU or POS kiosk controller.

SLC-500 Conversion

SLiCk Convert is an automated online utility that converts a SLC-500/MicroLogix program (ladder logic and documentation) to a SoftPLC formatted application file. The results of the conversion utility can be loaded into TOPDOC and then run in a SoftPLC In Tealware or other SoftPLC based system.

Simply submit your RSLogix500 files to the utility and it will generate a conversion report.  This report details the conversion results, and identifies if any manual work  may be required.  Most programs convert 90% or better.

If you elect to proceed, a nominal fee is charged to a credit card.  After payment validation, an XML file is emailed to you, which can be loaded into TOPDOC to convert it to the SoftPLC APP format.

Compare Functions/Features...

SoftPLC has more power than ControlLogix, but costs less than SLC-500/CompactLogix!

A-B Ladder/Data Table Addressing Y Y
Embedded Application Documentation N Y
Specialty Instructions - Log Data, Email, User C/Java functions, more N Y
User Memory 64KB Max 64MB Min
Ethernet, multiple serial ports (incl. Modbus) at no extra cost N Y
Embedded firewall, web server N Y

Upcoming Events
SoftPLC is used in a wide variety of industries and applications world-wide.  Capitalizing on successes in two specific industries (Fuel Ethanol and Hydroelectric), SoftPLC will be exhibiting at the following conferences:

Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo
Nashville, TN
June 16-19, 2008
Hydrovision 2008
Sacramento, CA
July 14-18, 2008

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