Applications/Customers : Industrial Communication Solutions


Example Industrial Communication Applications

SoftPLC provides protocol gateways, M2M remote management, industrial ethernet appliances and other communication and networking products. Examples of some existing applications are listed below.

Gateways/Protocol Converters:

  • Automotive Stamping Machine - Gateway implements 4 different protocols (A-B RIO, Modbus, ModbusTCP, proprietary serial) to interface a variety of multi-vendor components
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  • Natural Gas - Gateway between flow computers using Enron Modbus protocol and A-B PLC-5 via DH+
  • Water/Wastewater - Gateway from A-B DF1 to ModbusTCP
  • Migrations / Equipment Upgrades (HMI, Drives)
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  • Oil & Gas - Gateway provides ModbusTCP to operator interface & controller, Modbus 485 to drives, ethernet interface to satellite modem to SCADA

TagWell (M2M / Remote Asset Management):

  • Water Pump Station Monitoring/Control System
  • Chemical Tank Level Monitoring
  • Generator Maintenance Monitoring
  • City Park Facilities Remote Control/Monitoring Systems - Manages lighting, door locks, water leaks, septic overflow & more
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  • Agriculture Watering Systems

Industrial Firewalls:

  • Coast Guard Patrol ship
  • Chemical processing plant - SCADA systems protection
  • Oil & Gas remote pumping station