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Tealware I/O

Tealware™ is a high density, modular I/O system, suitable for applications requiring as few as 16 digital and/or 4 analog points up through thousands of I/O points. The same I/O modules, racks, adapters, and other equipment can be used regardless of application size or physical configuration.

Tealware I/O can be used on Ethernet with any SoftPLC CPU or with any system that can drive ModbusTCP I/O.

Tealware on Smart Backplane3

With a Smart SoftPLC, high speed local I/O interfaces are available that support up to thousands of points, as well as remote Ethernet I/O for even more flexibility on I/O configurations.

  • Overview

    A complete range of I/O modules are available for the Tealware system - digital, analog, and specialty modules. Many common features of all modules make the system robust, and simplify installation and maintenance:

    • Detachable front-end terminal block for easy module replacement without re-wiring (some modules utilize a wiring cable connection, which is also easily detachable)
    • Front Panel LED display for status monitoring/troubleshooting
    • High noise immunity
    • Automatic Configuration - Module addressing based on location (not DIP switch) for easy system configuration & maintenance (manual configuration option also available)
    • Most modules are hot swappable under power
    • Low power consumption means all module configurations are possible - no power calculations required

    A wide variety of configuration options are possible including high speed local I/O and remote/distributed Ethernet I/O configurations.

  • Specifications

    Individual module specifications are available from the "Modules" tab, or from the Tealware User Manual link in the "Downloads" tab. All Tealware components conform to the general specifications below:

    I/O Module Dimensions
    141 x 38 x 110 mm
    5.5 x 1.5 x 4.3 in (H x W x D)
    Power Supply Module Dimensions
    141 x 55 x 110 mm
    5.5 x 2.2 x 4.3 in(H x W x D)
    I/O Rack Dimensions I/O Base 06 (6 modules + P/S) 141 x 345mm (5.5 x 13.6in)
    I/O Base 08 (8 modules + P/S) 141 x 421mm (5.5 x 16.6in)
    External Connections
    20-screw Terminal Block Connector, max wire size #14 AWG
    D-sub connector to cable (Cat No HDIO-CBL)
    Operating Temperature -20 to 70°C, -4 to 158°F
    Ambient Storage Temperature -40 to 85°C, -40 to 185°F
    Recommended Airflow Clearance 50.8mm (2 inches) above and below unit for ambient airflow
    Humidity 5 to 95% non-condensing
    Electrical Noise Immunity 1,500 volts peak to peak, 1 µs noise width at 30 to 100Hz
    Vibration Resistance 10 to 55Hz, amplitude 0.075mm for 60 minutes
    Shock Resistance 10g 3 times 3d directions
    Dielectric Withstand Voltage 1500VAC for 1 minute across AC external terminals & ground
    Impedance 75 MOhms at 500VDC
    Electrical Safety Class 2 protection
    Operating Atmosphere Non-corrosive atmosphere, with minimum dust
    Certifications & Compliances UL and CE rated
  • Tealware I/O Module

    Available Tealware Modules

    A wide range of Tealware I/O modules is available - digital, analog, and special purpose modules. Combined with other components (eg: bases, adapters, power supplies), Tealware offers an expandable I/O system for both local and distributed control systems, big and small.

    Most modules include as standard the wiring terminal block. Some high density modules require a cable and terminal block to be ordered separately, as indicated in the tables below.

    Digital Modules

    Type Operating Voltage Number of Points Rated Current/Point Catalog Number Data Sheet Store
    Digital Modules TOP
    DC Input
    9-28 VDC 16, 8/com 3 mA@12VDC
    7 mA@24VDC
    DC Input
    9-28 VDC 32 ^, 32/com
    3 mA@12 VDC
    7 mA@24VDC
    DC Input
    5 VDC (TTL) 16, 8/com 3 mA@4 VDC
    4 mA@6 VDC
    AC Input
    85-132 VAC 16, 8/com 15 mA SXAC10
    AC Input
    24 VAC 16, 8/com 15 mA SXAC24
    DC Output
    10-35 VDC 16, 8/com
    Fused, (2) at 2A
    0.1 A SYDC10
    DC Output
    10-35 VDC 16, 8/com
    Fused, (2) at 2A
    0.1 A SYDC20
    DC Output
    10-35 VDC 32 ^, 32/com
    Fused, (4) at 2A
    0.1 A SYDC30
    DC Output
    10-35 VDC 32 ^, 32/com
    Fused, (4) at 2A
    0.1 A SYDC40
    AC Output
    Triac SSR
    85-264 VAC 16, 8/com
    Fused, (2) at 5A
    0.6 A SYAC10
    Relay Output
    Dry *
    5-125 VDC
    12-250 VAC
    16, 8/com 2 A SYRY10
    Relay Output
    Dry *
    5-125 VDC
    12-250 VAC
    16, Isolated 2 A SYRY20
    Relay Output
    Dry *
    5-125 VDC
    12-250 VAC
    8, Isolated 2 A SYRY21
    * External 24VDC Power required
    ^ Requires Cat No XDC20-TB and HDIO-CBL

    Analog/Special Modules

    Type Operating Range Channels Resolution Catalog Number Data Sheet Store
    Analog Modules TOP
    Analog Input 1-5, 0-10, ±10V
    0-20, 4-20, ±20mA
    4 AIN 15 bits AD020
    Analog Input 1-5, 0-10V 8 AIN 12 bits AD030A
    Analog Input 0-20,4-20mA 8 AIN 12 bits AD031A
    Analog Input 0-10, 1-5, ±10V 16 AIN^,
    individually isolated
    12 bits AD046
    Analog Input 0-20, 4-20, ±20mA 16 AIN^,
    indivdually isolated
    12 bits AD047
    Analog Output * 1-5, 0-10, ±10V
    0-20, 4-20, ±20mA
    4 AO 14 bits DA020
    Analog Output * 1-5, 0-10, ±10V 8 AO 14 bits DA030
    Analog Output * 0-20, 10-20mA, ±20mA 8 AO 14 bits DA031
    RTD + PT-100/1000, Ni-120 4 AIN, 4 DO 15 bits RTD10
    Thermocouple + B, E, J, K, R, S, T 5 AIN, 5 DO 15 bits THM10
    Special Purpose Modules TOP
    High Speed Counter/
    5 or 24 VDC,
    Phase or Pulse
    3 AIN, 3 DO 32 bits,
    50 KHz max
    * External 24VDC Power required
    + External 24VDC Power optional
    ^ Requires Cat No AD04x-TB and HDIO-CBL


    Type Catalog Number Store
    Accessories TOP
    Dummy Module for blank I/O slots DUM10
    High Density module cable to terminal block, 3 feet HDIO-CBL
    Terminal block for 32 pt digital modules XDC20-TB
    Terminal block for high density analog input modules
  • Tealware I/O Bases, Adapters, Power Supplies

    The tables below list the components which are used with Tealware I/O modules to create complete systems.


    Type Catalog Number Data Sheet Store
    Local I/O Expansion Base for P/S and up to 6 I/O Modules IOBASE06
    Local I/O Expansion Base for P/S and up to 8 I/O Modules IOBASE08
    Local Expansion I/O cable, 2 ft EXCBL02
    Local Expansion I/O cable, 4 ft EXCBL04
    Local Expansion I/O cable, 6 ft EXCBL06

    Power Supplies

    Type Catalog Number Data Sheet Store
    AC Power Supply, Input voltage 85 to 260VAC PWS11
    (replaced PWS10C effective 1/1/2019)
    DC Power Supply, Input voltage 12 to 24VDC PWS20C

    Ethernet Remote I/O Adapters (ModbusTCP)

    Type Catalog Number Data Sheet Store
    Smart Adapter w/ Tealware Backplane3 Interface SMA4-B
    Smart Adapter w/ Tealware LocalPorts Interface SMA4-L
    Panel Mount Bracket SM-VBKT
    Firewall/VPN Package SPZ-FW

    System Configurations

    Tealware I/O modules mount into a backplane. There are 2 options for module mounting, (an example of each shown at the top of the page):

    • Up to (3) modules can be mounted directly to a Smart SoftPLC or Smart Adapter equipped with a Backplane-3 Interface.
    • I/O Bases can hold (6) or (8) modules plus a Tealware Power Supply Module, and connect via an Expansion I/O Cable (Cat No EXCBLxx) to a Smart SoftPLC or Smart Adapter equipped with a LocalPorts Interface.

    A Smart SoftPLC provides a high speed local interface to Tealware I/O. Up to 12 I/O Bases (96 I/O modules) are supported for a maximum of 3072 local I/O points, up to 30 feet from the Smart SoftPLC. You can scan thousands of points in under 1 msec!

    Smart Adapters provide a Tealware I/O Interface to remote I/O drops over Ethernet, connected to any SoftPLC controller or other controller that supports ModbusTCP. Where more I/O is required than a local system supports, or the I/O needs to be distributed over a distance, or where the control system CPU is not a Smart SoftPLC (eg: a SoftPLC Hardbook or non-SoftPLC controller), then Tealware modules can be used with Smart Adapters on ModbusTCP Ethernet in a wide variety of configurations/media, with up to 127 remote I/O drops of up to 24 modules (up to 768 I/O points) per drop - tens of thousands of I/O in a single system.

  • Two interface options are available:

    • Backplane3 Interface - Any three (3) Tealware modules can mount directly onto a Smart SoftPLC or Smart Adapter equipped with a Backplane3 Interface.
    • LocalPorts Interface - If more than (3) modules are needed at a location, a Smart SoftPLC or Smart Adapter equipped with a LocalPorts Interface is used. The LocalPorts Interface has (4) I/O Base ports. A Smart SoftPLC can utilize all (4) ports, a Smart Adapter can utilize (1) of the ports. Up to (3) I/O Bases can be connected to each port. I/O Expansion Cables, available in 2', 4', 6' and 10' lengths, connect from the I/O Base Port to an I/O Base (as well as from I/O Base to I/O Base).
    Example Configuration