Products : I/O Overview

As an open architecture system, SoftPLC's can interface to our own I/O products, as well as I/O systems from hundreds of vendors. Examples of supported I/O system interfaces include:

  • Tealware modular, rack mounted I/O
  • A-Series serial and Ethernet I/O for low count or distributed I/O applications
  • Ethernet Networks - ModbusTCP, Ethernet/IP, A-B Ethernet and others
  • Industrial Bus Networks - Profibus, DeviceNet and many others
  • Serial I/O via Modbus and other protocols
  • Proprietary I/O devices such as board-level products, I/O bricks, etc.
Tealware I/O rack and modules


Tealware™ is a high density, modular I/O system, suitable for applications requiring as few as 16 digital and/or 4 analog points up through thousands of I/O points. The same I/O modules, adapters, and other equipment can be used regardless of application size or physical configuration. High speed local I/O and distributed/remote Ethernet I/O configurations are available.

Tealware I/O can be used with any SoftPLC CPU, or with any other system that can drive ModbusTCP I/O.

A Series I/O Module

A Series

A Series I/O modules are a family of low cost, compact, networkable data acquisition and control modules, providing analog-to-digital, digital-to-analog, digital input/output, timer/counter and other functions. All A Series products are DIN rail mountable, and can be mounted side-by-side or stacked piggy-back atop each other for small physical space applications.

Modules are available for ModbusTCP, Ethernet/IP, and for serial RS-485 networks. Also provided in this product line are low cost unmanaged ethernet media converters.

I/O Interface Card


We offer board-level I/O for our Smart, RTU and embedded controllers, as well as USB and Ethernet I/O that can be interfaced to computers or other vendor's controllers.

As an open architecture system, SoftPLC PAC's can interface to I/O and I/O systems from hundreds of vendors. Serial/USB, Ethernet, industrial networks (eg: Profibus, DeviceNet, etc.), and board-level products are some examples.

We provide interfaces to industrial I/O networks which are factory installed into our PAC's for "out-of-the-box" ready systems.