Controllers : SoftPLC Programmer's Toolkit


The SoftPLC Programmer's Toolkit can be used to develop user functions called TLM's which are programs that run in the SoftPLC environment (eg: ladder instructions, device drivers, or protocols). You can also use the Toolkit to write a program to acquire data from or send data to SoftPLC from other programs. You can create packages so that your TLM's can be easily deployed to the SoftPLC runtime environment.

The SoftPLC Programmer's Toolkit includes a description of our API (Applications Program Interface), example source code, "helper" functions you can use to link your code to SoftPLC Control Software, detailed documentation, and software development tools such as compilers, linkers, etc.


  • x86-based Linux OS (eg: Ubuntu 18.04 or later)
  • minimum 900 mbytes free disk space
  • minimum 500 mbytes of RAM
  • Internet access (some links are outside the installation)
  • A programmer's text editor of your choosing

Note: The Programmer's Toolkit is available only through a Technology Transfer License that must be thoroughly understood and executed prior to receipt of the product.