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TOPDOC Editing Screen

TOPDOC® NexGen is the programming software for SoftPLC. TOPDOC's history of over 37 years usage by many, many thousands of PLC users ensures not only robustness, but also a comprehensive and powerful set of functions for both PLC program developers and maintenance personnel.

TOPDOC NexGen provides a complete set of tools:

  • Ladder logic program development
  • Ladder logic documentation & reports
  • SoftPLC controller and driver configuration
  • Online monitoring & troubleshooting


    TOPDOC® NexGen makes SoftPLC® programming and continued maintenance fast and easy.  The sleek user interface design means both infrequent and "power" users have the features and functions they need.

    Standard Functions:

    • Ladder logic program and documentation development - both offline (local) and online (remote)
    • Online SoftPLC monitoring & troubleshooting
    • SoftPLC and I/O Driver Configuration
    • Logic and data table reports
    • XML import/export utilities

    TOPDOC®, since 1984, has been recognized as an advanced PLC program development and documentation software product.  Many "industry firsts" have been attributed to TOPDOC.  TOPDOC NexGen provides a contemporary and complete set of tools for SoftPLC based systems, and continues the tradition of providing innovative features for PLC users:

    • Program logic & documentation are combined into a single file that is downloaded to the SoftPLC controller - no more hassles to keep both sets of files "in-sync" or trying to troubleshoot a system with no documentation
    • XML export/import of application files - allows easy auto-generation or re-use of applications
    • Program "Clips" for easy re-use of standard logic sequences
    • Native character support for other languages than English

    TOPDOC NexGen Features

    Application (APP) Editing

    TOPDOC provides a comprehensive APP editor for both remote (online) and local (offline) use. Within the APP editor you can create/modify ladder logic, data table, and program documentation. You can create programs offline, then download them to your SoftPLC's. You can also work directly online connected to a SoftPLC to create, monitor, and modify programs.

    Instruction/Data Entry are easy:

    • Enter/edit logic and data with simple point/click interface
    • Copy/paste rung(s), or portions of rungs
    • Program/edit/search using addresses or tagnames
    • Smart Paste feature lets you build a library of common logic sequences, then easily reuse them with new addresses and/or descriptions using a spreadsheet-style interface

    TLI Support in TOPDOC NexGenTOPDOC also automatically determines if the connected SoftPLC includes any user loadable instructions (TLI's), and adds them to the instruction menus. TLI's can also be programmed offline.

    Multiple APP editors can be opened simultaneously:

    • Copy/paste rungs between APPs via the clipboard
    • Monitor multiple SoftPLC's at the same time
    • Attach multiple times to the same SoftPLC to view logic in different areas of the program simultaneously
    • View offline and online versions of a program to compare


    SoftPLC application programs can include extensive text documentation, so programs can be easily understood and maintained. All documentation is included in the single APP file (which includes logic, data table, and all documentation). This means you have only one file to backup and keep track of!

    • Rung comments are virtually unlimited in size. The first line of a rung comment can also become a easily located "subtitle" in a program.
    • Program subroutines and data table files can be documented with short and long descriptions.
    • Data Table address descriptors include a tagname and a long description. Descriptors are edited in TOPDOC using a spreadsheet style interface, or can be easily created/edited in an external program (eg: Excel) and pasted into TOPDOC's editor.

    A Ladder Diagram Report and Data Table Report can be printed, including to .PDF format.

    Properties Editor

    The Properties Editor makes it easy to edit property file entries, using a spreadsheet style user interface. Property Tables are a RAM-resident database in SoftPLC that is useful for sorting, warehouse, and recipe-oriented control applications.


    A number of features are available for SoftPLC system maintenance:

    • Search by address, tagname, instruction, or instruction/address combination. You can search by direct reference or with wildcard specifications.
    • A "Find All" function provides a list of all usages, search results are retained for an easy "trace" function capability.
    • Position by rung number, program file number, or comment subtitles
    • I/O forcing from ladder or force table editors, including block insert/remove of forces
    • Status file monitoring, fault analysis, and other features make it easy to determine causes of problems
    • Data table editor provides multiple data formats, "spinners" for easy field state/value editing, and a quick undo function to return to prior value on bit manipulation (On/Off)
    • Data table "watch windows"- user customizable non-sequential data table editors

    PLC Configuration

    TOPDOC includes a complete SoftPLC configurator which is used to set up TCP/IP and serial communications parameters, select and configure TLM's (I/O drivers and loadable functions), set start-up parameters, and more. The PLC Configurator makes it easy to map other vendor's I/O to a SoftPLC system, such as Ethernet/IP, ModbusTCP, Modbus serial, Profibus, and others.

    A "Detect on Net" function makes it easy to see which SoftPLC's are on the network, and to perform an easy configuration file backup of all PLC's.


    TOPDOC NexGen is available for Windows or Linux operating systems.

    System Requirements:

    • Operating System - 64 bit Windows or Ubuntu Linux
    • Minimum Screen Resolution 1024x768
    • 150MB free disk space
    • Ethernet port
    • USB port (for software protection key)
  • Data Sheets


    • Smart/NeoPAC SoftPLC & TOPDOC NexGen User Guide (version 5)
    • User Guide includes Smart and NeoPAC SoftPLC hardware, and use of TOPDOC NexGen for configuration for firmware version 5 SoftPLC's. It also describes how SoftPLC operates, common troubleshooting techniques, etc. Detailed programming, instruction set, and software use are in the product's online help system.

    • TOPDOC NexGen/SoftPLC User's Manual (v 1.6)
    • User Guide includes TOPDOC & SoftPLC installation, configuration, and network connection for version 3.x and 4.x SoftPLC's. It also describes how SoftPLC operates, common troubleshooting techniques, etc. Detailed programming, instruction set, and software use are in the product's online help system.

    Hands-on Demo

    • TOPDOC NexGen Evaluation/Demo (ver 5)
    • The download is a demo version that allows offline editing without save capability. Ladder programming and detailed product use information are in the product help system. Contact SoftPLC Sales for the unzip password.

      (Note that Windows unzip no longer supports passwords and you will need a 3rd party utility, ie: 7zip.)

    • TOPDOC NexGen Installation Guide (v5.0)
    • It is strongly recommended that you download and use this guide while installing TOPDOC NexGen ver 5.