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Collage of Smart SoftPLC models

Smart SoftPLC controllers are open architecture Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC's) that provide scalable solutions for a wide range of applications in virtually any industry. Priced to meet the needs of small I/O count machine control applications, yet with enough capacity and capability for large process control applications, they are the SMART choice!

The Smart SoftPLC design combines many functions which typically require multiple components, thus reducing costs, engineering time and panel size. A single Smart SoftPLC can provide:

  • PLC functions - logic execution, I/O control, communication to SCADA/HMI's
  • Protocol conversion - Communication Gateways
  • Data logging, remote alarming
  • Embedded web-based operator interface (via web server or WebStudio IoTView)
  • Managed Ethernet switch/router, firewall
  • and more!


    A Smart SoftPLC CPU is an unmatched value - it does the basics like storing and running application logic - but it also provides a lot more! Its 512MB of memory, (5) Ethernet ports (4 which are configured as a managed switch), up to (6) COM/USB ports, and flexible I/O interfaces are only the beginning. By combining these rich hardware features with advanced firmware functions, a Smart SoftPLC can often reduce the number of hardware components required for a complete control system.

    Every Smart SoftPLC includes the functions and features of all SoftPLC controllers, including:

    • Deterministic, high speed program execution
    • “Unlimited” user logic and data table memory
    • Ladder logic and data table addressing similar to Allen-Bradley PLC-5/SLC-500
    • Fully documented applications, all documentation resides in the controller
    • Supports user functions written in C++
    • Compatible with all HMI/SCADA products

    Communication Ports

    The base Smart SoftPLC CPU has an industry leading ELEVEN (11) communication ports! Smart SoftPLC is designed to be able to meet all your communication needs:

    • 4-port GB managed Ethernet switch, with two Ethernet interfaces (MAC ID's) to support routing capability and to allow separation of communications and ethernet I/O traffic
    • (1) stand-alone GB Ethernet port
    • (1) RS-485 communications port
    • (2) USB 2.0 Host ports for serial communications (eg: DF1, Modbus, ASCII)
    • (1) Micro-USB serial console interface for low-level troubleshooting or system setup

    Plus, for very low cost, up to 3 factory installed communication port options can be added:

    • RS-485 ports
    • Allen-Bradley "Blue Hose" ports, supporting A-B Remote I/O Master or Slave, or Data Highway Plus (DH+)
    • Other serial interfaces (eg: CAN, RS-232, etc.)*

    AND, for very low cost, internal support can be enabled for WiFi, Bluetooth or cellular communication.

    Each Smart SoftPLC CPU is built to your order specifications, and undergoes a system-level test prior to shipment.


    Use SoftPLC communication ports for:

    • SoftPLC Programming, Configuration, Monitoring & Troubleshooting
    • Remote I/O (eg: ModbusTCP, Modbus) to TealwareTM or other vendor I/O systems
    • Communication to SCADA/HMI's or other equipment (eg: drives)
    • Peer-to-Peer communications (SoftPLC to SoftPLC or A-B PLC's, or SoftPLC to Modbus/ModbusTCP enabled devices)
    • Connection to modems or wireless networks for remote access
    • Connection to cellular networks for remote management applications via TagWell

    * Other interfaces can be quickly developed, but are not currently available.

  • I/O

    With a Smart SoftPLC, you have a LOT of I/O options! Smart SoftPLC supports a variety of I/O interfaces and can support virtually unlimited I/O points.

    Remote I/O

    With no added hardware, the Smart's built-in Ethernet and serial ports can be configured to communicate to I/O products from dozens of vendors, over a number of protocols.

    Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley Remote I/O (A-B RIO) is supported with up to 3 optional internal interfaces. A Smart SoftPLC can act as an A-B RIO master and/or slave.

    Serial Options

    • Modbus - any compatible devices - I/O, meters, drives, or other process equipment
    • COMGENIUS supports ASCII string type protocols
    • Other serial I/O drivers (eg: A-series)
    • Write your own serial interface with the SoftPLC Programmer's Toolkit

    Ethernet Options

    Since the Smart SoftPLC has two Ethernet interfaces, one of them can be dedicated to the I/O network for optimum performance, with no interference from HMI/SCADA, programming, or peer-to-peer communications that may exist on the other network interface.

    Local I/O

    Smart SoftPLC also supports high-speed local I/O:

    • SoftPLC Corporation's Tealware I/O is a modular, high speed I/O system for the Smart SoftPLC. Discrete, analog and specialty modules are available in this robust, proven, and value-priced I/O system. (NOTE: Tealware can also be connected to the Smart SoftPLC as remote I/O on Ethernet via ModbusTCP.)
    • On-board FPGA I/O provides a platform for customized OEM solutions

    Features of Tealware Local I/O Ready Smart SoftPLC Models

    Smart SoftPLC with Tealware Backplane3 interface
    • Simple & Affordable: Smart SoftPLC's equipped with a Tealware Backplane3 interface need no rack or additional power supply and support any mix of up to (3) Tealware modules
    Smart SoftPLC with Tealware LocalPorts interface
    • Low Cost: Every Smart SoftPLC equipped with a Tealware LocalPorts interface comes with built-in local and remote expansion capability. Racks do not need an expansion module, just connect them using a Local Rack Expansion Cable, available in lengths of 2, 4, 6 and 10 feet. Cable from each LocalPorts port to the first rack, then daisy chain up to 2 more racks per port using additional cables, the last rack can be up to 30 feet from the SoftPLC. This is a tremendous savings over many other vendor solutions.
    • Huge Local I/O Capacity: A Smart SoftPLC can support up to 12 local racks - at 256 points per rack that means up to 3072 points of fast update local I/O!
    • Remote I/O Expansion: With a Smart Adapter and Tealware I/O, each remote Ethernet drop can include up to 3 racks. Use the Remote Slave Expansion when your I/O count is extremely high, or when the racks must be separated by longer distances.
    • Auto-Discover I/O Modules: With a Smart SoftPLC CPU and Tealware I/O you don’t have to spend time entering your I/O configuration into the system! Just install the modules in your racks (local and/or remote) and connect the cables. Smart SoftPLC will automatically sense which modules you have installed. A configuration file is created that lets you see the mapped modules and addresses in the TOPDOC NexGen programming software, where you can then manually make any changes you desire.

    Options & Accessories

    In addition to the factory configured hardware options (see "Models" tab), there are a number of other options available:

    Cables, Connectors & Accessories

    Catalog Number Description Image Store
    SM-VBKT Smart Vertical Panel Mount Bracket
    Can be used to panel mount the Smart SoftPLC so the Ethernet ports face out, requiring less horizontal panel space. Standard mounting is DIN-rail with Ethernet ports facing left.
    Smart SoftPLC Vertical Mount Bracket
    SPO-UCONCBL Smart Serial Console Access Cable, USB 2.0 to Micro-USB, 10')
    Used for troubleshooting in the event the Ethernet ports are not accessible
    (Smart SoftPLC ver 4 and later hardware)
    Smart SoftPLC serial console cable
    SPO-CKIT Spare Connectors Kit (1 P/S, 2 option ports serial/BlueHose) Spare connectors for Smart/NeoPAC SoftPLC option ports

    Power Supplies, Power Equipment

    Catalog Number Description Image Store
    ICO-PSH1524 DIN-rail mount P/S, 24VDC output, 15 Watts, 85-264VAC input
    ICO-PSH3024 DIN-rail mount P/S, 24VDC output, 30 Watts, 85-264VAC input


    Processor 64-bit, quad-core ARM processor
    User Memory minimum 512 MB RAM, 8GB on-board eMMC flash
    Removable Memory MicroSD slot (no SD card included)
    Operating Temperature 0 to 60°C (-20~70°C extended temperature version available)
    Storage Temperature -40 ~ 85°C
    Humidity 0-95%, non-condensing
    Input Voltage Range 6 ~ 72 VDC, terminal block connector
    Power Requirements 2-5W based on options selected
    Time NTP client, update via internet or NTP server on local LAN
    Ethernet Ports 4-port managed GB Ethernet switch (10/100/1000BaseT), RJ45 ports
    (w/ multiple unique host interfaces/MAC-ID's for routing functions)
    (1) GB Ethernet port, stand-alone, RJ45 port
    Serial/USB/Other Ports (1) RS-485 2-wire (non-isolated), 3-wire terminal block
    (2) USB 2.0 Host ports
    (1) MicroUSB interface for serial console access (for troubleshooting)
    Option Ports Factory Installed, up to 3 allowed, 3-wire terminal blocks
    Allen-Bradley "Blue Hose" (Cat No SPO-BH)
    Remote I/O Master, Remote I/O Adapter or Data Highway Plus (software selectable)
    RS-485, 2-wire, isolated (Cat No SPO-485)
    Other Future, could be added (eg: RS-232, CAN)
    Protocols Serial - Modbus Master/Slave, DF1, ASCII
    Ethernet - ModbusTCP/UDP, Ethernet/IP, DF1 Ethernet (PCCC)
    Dimensions (HxWxD) Without modules - 5.75 x 6 x 1.5 in. (146.1 x 152.4 x 38.1 mm)
    With modules - 5.75 x 6 x 5.625 in. (146.1 x 152.4 x 142.88 mm)
    Packaging Fanless/Diskless system, DIN-rail Mount, metal enclosure
    Optional Panel Mount Bracket (SM-VBKT)
    Local I/O Interfaces (only one/system) Backplane3 - supports any (3) Tealware modules
    LocalPorts - Tealware rack bus (4 connectors, each supports up to 3 racks)
    Remote I/O Interfaces Serial and Ethernet ports
    A-B RIO via SPO-BH options
    Security Embedded Gatecraft™ Firewall/VPN option
    SSH server for encrypted data transfer

    Smart Models

    All Smart SoftPLC's are custom assembled with your selected hardware options and runtime license size. Items to be specified include:

    To each of these combinations, you can then select additional hardware and firmware options (see next tab). Each Smart SoftPLC CPU is assembled with all of your selected options, then undergoes a system-level test prior to shipment.

    Local I/O Interface

    If you plan on using high-speed local Tealware I/O, one of the following should be selected:

    Local I/O Interface Options
    Cat No Suffix I/O Interface
    Smart Solid No interface
    B Backplane3 Backplane3 interface, Up to 3 Tealware Modules
    L LocalPorts LocalPorts, Up to 12 Tealware Racks

    Configurable Communication Ports

    Must be factory installed.
    Select up to 3 per Smart SoftPLC
    SPO-485 RS-485 (isolated 2-wire)
    SPO-BH A-B RIO Master Allows SoftPLC to act as RIO scanner
    A-B RIO Slave Allows SoftPLC to act as RIO adapter
    A-B DH+ A-B Data Highway Plus

    Runtime License Size Options

    There are (4) runtime license sizes, which determines the maximum supported I/O capacity.

    Runtime License Sizes
    Cat No Suffix ModbusTCP Servers Ethernet/IP Bytes Discrete Inputs* Discrete Outputs*
    LT 2 64 128 128
    1K 16 512 1024 1024
    2K 32 1024 2048 2048
    8K 127 4096 8192 8192
    * Select the size based on the larger value in either category. For example, a system with 130 inputs and 24 outputs would require a 1K version. An exception is for A-B RIO which is dictated by logical racks per the A-B RIO definition, details can be found in the A-B RIO driver documentation.

    Other Factory Installed Options

    Other Options
    SPO-WIFIMOD Wifi Antenna Extension & Case Modification
    SPO-EXTEMP Extended Temperature Option