Controllers : RTUs

SoftPLC RTU with Solar Option

SoftPLC based RTUs

Any SoftPLC controller can be classified as an RTU, by adding a modem, local I/O and other options. With built-in functions such as data logging and messaging and hardware specifications and low power requirements suitable for outdoor mounted systems, SoftPLC RTU's provide very powerful, flexible and low cost remote control systems.

These packaged SoftPLC Controllers are particularly good platforms for an RTU, as are single-board ARM PC's similar to a RaspberryPI:

SoftPLC RTU Example

Applications that require an RTU are extremely diverse in terms of environment, I/O requirements, communication availability and on-site power. As an open architecture platform, SoftPLC's can be used in most of these - from desert to sea, from indoor to outdoor, etc. Choose a SoftPLC CPU, select your I/O interface(s), and if applicable, add a modem to suit your communication requirements - cellular, radio, satellite, VHS, etc. If there's no power at the site, add a solar power package, or run off battery. You can provide your own components, or have SoftPLC Corporation put together a package for you.