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NeoPAC SoftPLC is a family of open architecture controller CPU's that can connect to a wide variety of I/O and communication networks. Physically small, but functionally huge, NeoPAC's (Programmable Automation Controllers) provide a low cost control platform for applications ranging from machine/process control to RTUs to protocol gateways. NeoPAC's are customized at the factory to application specific configurations and include hardware assembly, driver installation, system software configuration, and system level testing for the best out-of-the-box solution with an open architecture system.

NeoPAC SoftPLC's are perfect for:

  • Machine control - Great for OEM's!
  • Protocol Converter - serial to ethernet and/or to Allen-Bradley "blue hose" Remote I/O or Data Highway Plus
  • Cellular RTU - Combined with TagWell, you can monitor and control remotely located systems at very low cost
  • Data Logger
  • and more!


    NeoPAC SoftPLC models include the functions/features of all SoftPLC controllers, including:

    • Deterministic, high speed program execution
    • “Unlimited” user logic and data table memory
    • Ladder logic and data table addressing similar to Allen-Bradley PLC-5/SLC-500
    • Fully documented applications, all documentation resides in the controller
    • Supports user functions written in C++
    • Compatible with all HMI/SCADA products
    • Industry standard protocols for communications and I/O (eg: ModbusTCP/UDP, Ethernet/IP, Modbus RTU/ASCII, and others)
    • Embedded HMI and web server options

    Hardware Features

    • (1) GB Ethernet and (2) USB communication ports(s)
    • (2) option ports that can be any mix of RS-485 serial or Allen-Bradley "blue hose" port for Remote I/O or DH+
    • 512MB RAM minimum
    • 8GB on-board flash
    • option for removable MicroSD Flash
    • option for internal WiFi or Bluetooth



    • CPU - 64bit quad-core ARM Cortex
    • Memory - 512MB RAM minimum
    • Storage - 8GB onboard flash, MicroSD slot (no MicroSD included)
    • (2) USB 2.0 host ports with USB A connectors
    • GB Ethernet port, RJ-45 connector (10/100/1000)
    • Power by +24 VDC through terminal block connector (eg: using ICO-PSH-1524)
    • Size (HxWxD) - 3-7/8" x 1-3/4" x 2-7/8" (99 x 44 x 73 mm)
    • DIN-rail mounting, metal enclosure

    NeoPAC Models

    A NeoPAC consists of a base model with a selected Runtime License size to which you can add selected hardware options. Items to be specified include:

    To each of these combinations, you can then select additional hardware and firmware options (see next tab). Each NeoPAC system is assembled and configured with all of your selected options, then undergoes a system-level test prior to shipment.

    Configurable Communication Ports

    Must be factory installed.
    Select up to 2 per NeoPAC SoftPLC
    SPO-485 RS-485 (isolated 2-wire) Software configurable protocols
    SPO-BH A-B RIO Master Allows SoftPLC to act as RIO scanner
    A-B RIO Slave Allows SoftPLC to act as RIO adapter
    A-B DH+ A-B Data Highway Plus

    Runtime License Size Options

    There are (4) SoftPLC firmware runtime sizes, where runtime size determines the maximum supported number of Ethernet/IP bytes, ModbusTCP servers, logical A-B racks and digital I/O points (analog I/O is limited only by hardware, not firmware). The table below summarizes these choices. Details on these limits are in the communication driver manuals for each protocol.

    Runtime License Sizes
    Cat No Suffix ModbusTCP Servers Ethernet/IP Bytes Logical A-B Racks Discrete Inputs Discrete Outputs
    LT 2 64 1 128 128
    1K 16 512 8 1024 1024
    2K 32 1024 16 2048 2048
    8K 127 4096/td> 64 8192 8192
    * Select the size based on the larger value in either category. For example, a system with 130 inputs and 24 outputs would require a 1K version. An exception is for A-B RIO which is dictated by logical racks per the A-B RIO definition, details can be found in the A-B RIO driver documentation.

    Other Factory Installed Options

    Other Options
    SPO-WIFIMOD Wifi Antenna Extension & Case Modification
    SPO-EXTEMP Extended Temperature Option

    Options & Accessories

    Firmware Options - software enabled capabilities that can be added to any SoftPLC. There's so many, we've put them on their own page!

    Hardware Accessories

    Catalog Number Description Image Store
    ICO-PSH1524 DIN-rail P/S, Output 24VDC, 15W; Input: 100~240VAC
    ICO-PSH3024 DIN-rail mount P/S, 24VDC output, 30 Watts, 85-264VAC input
    ICO-PSUPS40 DIN-rail mount UPS/battery controller, 24VDC output, up to 40A (requires 2 ICO-PSBP412 batteries)
    ICO-PSBP412 VRLA Battery for ICO-PSUPS40, 12V 4AH, AGM
    SPO-UCONCBL Smart Serial Console Access Cable, USB 2.0 to Micro-USB, 10')
    Used for troubleshooting in the event the Ethernet port is not accessible.
    NeoPAC SoftPLC serial console cable
    SPO-CKIT Spare Connectors Kit (1 P/S, 2 serial/BH) Spare connectors for Smart/NeoPAC SoftPLC ports

    I/O and System Configurations

    NeoPAC SoftPLC's can be used with a wide variety of I/O and other devices. Any Ethernet, serial, or USB remote I/O can be used providing a SoftPLC driver exists. Many drivers exist, or can be developed using the SoftPLC Programmer's Toolkit. Multiple I/O types can be used with a single controller. NeoPAC SoftPLC has a variety of I/O interfaces and can support virtually unlimited I/O points. The NeoPAC's built-in Ethernet and USB ports, and optional RS-485 ports can be configured to communicate to I/O products from dozens of vendors, over a number of protocols.

    Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley Remote I/O (A-B RIO) is supported with up to 2 optional internal interfaces. A NeoPAC SoftPLC can act as an A-B RIO master and/or slave.

    Serial Examples

    • Modbus - any compatible devices - I/O, meters, drives, or other process equipment
    • COMGENIUS supports ASCII string type protocols
    • Other serial I/O drivers (eg: A-series)
    • Write your own serial interface with the SoftPLC Programmer's Toolkit

    Ethernet Examples

  • Data Sheets


    • NeoPAC Quick Start Guide
    • Quick start communication configuration and troubleshooting guide for NeoPAC family products.

    • Smart/NeoPAC SoftPLC & TOPDOC NexGen User Guide (version 5)
    • User Guide includes Smart and NeoPAC SoftPLC hardware, and use of TOPDOC NexGen for configuration for firmware version 5 SoftPLC's. It also describes how SoftPLC operates, common troubleshooting techniques, etc. Detailed programming, instruction set, and software use are in the product's online help system.


    • A-B Control System Migrations
    • Describes how SoftPLC Gateways provide great solutions for customers with A-B PLC's to do partial and phased migrations of automation systems to modern technology.

    • What is a SoftPLC?
    • Describes how unique SoftPLC(R) is - not a PLC, not PC-based control software. Includes summary of functions and possible uses.