Controllers : IoTPAC

IoTPAC = Controller + SCADA + more!

Any SoftPLC CPU can be enhanced with an embedded Web Studio runtime, providing a single value priced solution for:

  • I/O Control
  • Ladder, C++ or State Logic
  • Virtual headless HMI (operator interface, trending, database interface, etc.)
  • Alarming via HMI and email/text
  • Local and networked data logging
  • Communications Gateway/Protocol Converter
  • Report Generation
  • Embedded firewall/VPN, security
  • and more!

    IoTPAC Overview

    SoftPLC's IoTPAC is a new standard for low cost, comprehensive automation control products. The IoTPAC provides all the functionality of a SoftPLC PLUS an embedded Web Studio runtime for SCADA functionality. The IoTPAC provides a single hardware platform that combines control, data logging, alarming, HMI, trending, database interaction, and more. Benefits are many, including:

    • Ruggedized hardware platform for even harsh/outdoor environments
    • No touchscreen means lower cost, reduced panel space, reduced maintenance
    • Combines feature/function-rich controller and SCADA platforms on a single hardware unit
    • Advanced development tools for operator interface screens
    • Browser-based interface ideal for remotely located or stand-alone operating equipment
    • Both SoftPLC and Web Studio include drivers to interface with hundreds of vendor's equipment
    • Data logging can be local and/or to remote database over Ethernet or Internet
    • Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 ready solution
  • SoftPLC IoTPAC System Architecture/Operation

    Each SoftPLC PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) runs on GatecraftTM Linux, which is an embedded Linux operating system distribution developed by SoftPLC Corporation. Using Linux as a platform provides benefits such as multi-tasking, background logging of critical operations, support for open communication standards like SSH, PPP, SNMP, and more.

    Optionally, a Web Studio Linux runtime, called "IoTView" can be installed into any SoftPLC CPU and runs as a separate task. The SoftPLC task is assigned by default a higher priority, ensuring that any I/O devices are scanned quickly and deterministically. Web Studio communicates to SoftPLC's data table through a driver that sends/receives values through the CPU's RAM memory, providing fast data updates with no need for cables. IoTView provides operator interface functions via HTML5 web pages, which can be viewed in any modern web browser over any Ethernet or Internet connection to the IoTPAC.

    Most users require no knowledge of Linux to use SoftPLC or IoTView - the operating system is transparent and users interact with SoftPLC through TOPDOC NexGen software and the Web Studio runtime application via a web browser.

    SoftPLC, with or without the Web Studio runtime, is an embedded "headless" system, designed to run in hardware with no fragile components such as a hard drive, monitor or user input device (keyboard, mouse, touchscreen). Also, unlike many "PC-based" control software products, SoftPLC doesn't put your system at risk by running on an office platform like Windows or Windows “band-aids” - there is no need to be concerned about “the blue screen of death”, or other applications running in the computer causing the controller to become non-deterministic or to fail. SoftPLC Controllers are designed to run 365 days a year, 24 hours per day – and do!

  • SoftPLC IoTPAC Models

    A SoftPLC IoTPAC consists of 2 products:

    Popular Configurations

    Smart SoftPLC IoTPACs

    Smart IoTPACAny Smart SoftPLC plus the Web Studio embedded Linux runtime creates an IoTPAC. The Backplane3 version is shown in the figure, but other Smart configurations are all applicable as well. Examples include LocalPorts and standard versions that utilize 3rd party I/O connected via Ethernet, serial or other industrial communication networks.

    NeoPAC SoftPLC IoTPACs

    NeoPAC SoftPLC plus the Web Studio embedded Linux runtime creates an IoTPAC. Examples include standard versions that utilize 3rd party I/O connected via Ethernet, serial or other industrial communication networks.


  • Videos/Presentations
    • SoftPLC IoTPAC Features & Applications
    • Powerpoint describing functions/features of the SoftPLC IoTPAC. Includes a number of "good-fit" application examples.

    • IoTPAC Webinar
    • SoftPLC integration with Web Studio IoTView, features, benefits & applications. This video is an extracted portion of a longer webinar.