Controllers : Hardbook SoftPLC's

Hardbook SoftPLC's are a family of open architecture controller CPU's that can connect to a wide variety of I/O and communication networks. The flexibility in number/type of communication ports, physical form factor, and other parameters allow Hardbooks to be used in virtually any application. Hardbook SoftPLC's are customized at the factory to application specific configurations and include hardware assembly, driver installation, system software configuration, and system level testing for the best out-of-the-box solution with an open architecture system.


    Every Hardbook SoftPLC includes the functions and features of all SoftPLC controllers, including:

    • Deterministic, high speed program execution
    • “Unlimited” user logic and data table memory
    • Ladder logic and data table addressing similar to Allen-Bradley PLC-5/SLC-500
    • Fully documented applications, all documentation resides in the controller
    • Supports user functions written in C++
    • Compatible with all HMI/SCADA products

    Hardware Features

    Although each Hardbook model has unique physical characteristics, they all have the following features in common:

    • Multiple Ethernet, Serial and USB communication ports
    • Heavy Duty Metal Enclosure with mounting brackets or DIN-mount bracket
    • Fanless operation, industrial rated environmental specifications
    • 2GB RAM minimum
    • Removable Flash Disk, 8GB
    • Expansion slot(s) for add-in cards such as I/O or industrial network interfaces (number/type varies by model)

    Available Models

    There are a number of Hardbook SoftPLC models to meet the wide range of application requirements for this powerful level of controller. The most popular models are listed in the table below. If you don't feel any of these meet your needs, other options are available for other form factors (such as rack mount), more option slots, etc. Contact SoftPLC Corporation to discuss your preferences.

    To each model, you can add hardware and firmware options (see next tab). Each Hardbook SoftPLC CPU is assembled and configured with all of your selected options, then undergoes a system-level test prior to shipment.

    Class Cat No Picture Expansion Dimensions (WxDxH) Data Sheet Store
    HB-M0QA HBM0QA Hardbook SoftPLC front view n/a 2.8 x 6 x 5.5 in
    (71 x 152 x 139 mm)
    HB2-MMQA HB2MMQA Hardbook SoftPLC front view (2) Mini-PCIe 2.8 x 6 x 5.5 in
    (71 x 152 x 139 mm)
    HB2-MILEH HB2MILEH Hardbook SoftPLC front view (2) PCI-104,
    (1) Mini-PCIe
    3.8 x 6 x 5.5 in
    (96.5 x 152 x 139 mm)
    HB-H0QA HB-H0QA Hardbook SoftPLC rear view (2)Mini-PCIe 7.52 x 7.87 x 2.36 in
    (191 x 200 x 60 mm)
    HB2-HPQA HB2-HPQA Hardbook SoftPLC rear view (2) PCI,
    (2) Mini-PCIe, SATA (HDD/SSD)
    7.7 x 7.87 x 4.37 in
    (195 x 200 x 111 mm)

    There are (4) SoftPLC firmware runtime sizes for each model of Hardbook, where runtime size determines the maximum supported number of digital I/O points (analog I/O is limited only by hardware, not firmware), ModbusTCP servers, or Ethernet/IP connection bytes. The table below summarizes these choices.

    To order a Hardbook, append the Runtime License Size suffix in the first column of the table to the model number. For example, HB2-HPQA-1K is a model HB2-HPQA capable of up to 1024 DI/DO, 512 Ethernet/IP Connection Bytes and/or 16 ModbusTCP Servers.

    Runtime License Sizes
    Cat No Suffix ModbusTCP Servers Ethernet/IP Bytes Discrete Inputs Discrete Outputs
    LT 2 64 128 128
    1K 16 512 1024 1024
    2K 32 1024 2048 2048
    8K 127 4096 8192 8192

    Options & Accessories

    Available Hardbook SoftPLC options:

    • Firmware Options - software enabled capabilities that can be added to any SoftPLC. There's so many, we've put them on their own page!
    • PCI Interface Cards - add-in cards for industrial buses, additional communication ports, and more. Applicable to each Hardbook model with available PCI or PCIe slots. For models with multiple PCI slots, most cards can be installed in any combination. The most popular options are listed below, others are available. Contact SoftPLC if you need an interface not listed.
    • Power Supplies & Power Protection - Power Supplies & related accessories

    PCI Bus Communication Interface Cards

    Class Cat No Description Store
    Industrial Fieldbus
    Interface Cards
    SPO-PCIX-DNM DeviceNet Master, PCI Bus
    SPO-PCIX-DNS DeviceNet Slave, PCI Bus
    SPO-PCIX-PBM Profibus Master, PCI Bus
    SPO-PCIX-PBS Profibus Slave, PCI Bus
    SPO-PCIX-PNM ProfiNet Master, PCI Bus
    SPO-PCIX-PNS ProfiNet Slave, PCI Bus
    SPO-PCIX-EIM EthernetEI Master, PCI Bus
    SPO-PCIX-EIS EthernetEI Slave, PCI Bus
    SPO-PCIX-COM CANopen Master, PCI Bus
    SPO-PCIX-COS CANopen Slave, PCI Bus
    SPO-PCIX-ECM EthernetCAT Master, PCI Bus
    SPO-PCIX-ECS EthernetCAT Slave, PCI Bus
    SPO-PCIX-CCS CCLink Slave, PCI Bus
    SPO-PCIX-PLS Powerlink Slave, PCI Bus
    SPO-PCIX-ASM ASI Master, PCI Bus
    A-B Bus Options SPO-PKTX Allen-Bradley RIO Master or DH+ Interface, 1 port, PCI Bus
    ICO-PKTXD Allen-Bradley RIO Master and/or DH+ Interface, 2 ports, PCI Bus

    Power Supplies, Power Equipment

    Catalog Number Description Image Shop
    ICO-PSH1524 DIN-rail mount P/S, 24VDC output, 15 Watts, 85-264VAC input
    ICO-PSH3024 DIN-rail mount P/S, 24VDC output, 36 Watts, 85-264VAC input
    ICO-PS120x DIN-rail mount P/S, 24VDC output, 120 Watts, 85-264VAC input
    ICO-PSUPS40 DIN-rail mount UPS/battery controller, 24VDC output, up to 40A (requires 2 ICO-PSBP412 batteries)
    ICO-PSBP412 VRLA Battery for ICO-PSUPS40, 12V 4AH, AGM

    I/O and System Configurations

    SoftPLC Hardbooks are controller CPU's that can be used with a wide variety of I/O and other devices. Any Ethernet, serial, USB and/or industrial bus remote I/O can be used providing a driver exists and (in the case of bus I/O) the appropriate hardware interface is installed. I/O implemented with an interface card that can be installed in the Hardbook is supported as well, for applications with special needs, low I/O counts, etc. Drivers for the most popular networks and I/O brands exist. Additional drivers can be developed using the SoftPLC Programmer's Toolkit.

    SoftPLC's Tealware I/O can be used as Ethernet remote I/O with any Hardbook using a Smart Adapter.

  • Data Sheets

    • Generic Hardbook
    • Common features of all Hardbook SoftPLC controller CPUs. Specific hardware specifications can be found on each model's data sheet linked in the "Models" tab.