Partners : System Integrators


SoftPLC System Integrator Program

Our SI program is a marketing relationship that provides benefits to both SI's and end users:

  • End Users. Local engineering, installation and support for your systems utilizing SoftPLC Corporation products. Our SI Locator can be used to find an authorized SoftPLC SI near to you, or you can contact us.
  • System Integrators. Our SI program is a key part of our business strategy. SoftPLC integrators benefit with co-marketing activities, product discounts, consignment development software & hardware, free support/updates, project referrals and commissions, and more. The Program Description tab highlights the benefits, while the Downloads tab has links to the details and enrollment documents.
  • SI Program Overview

    SoftPLC's Integrator Program is a mutually beneficial marketing relationship.  It is not just a discount plan, but is a comprehensive, structured partnering program designed to reward SI's for their efforts while reducing their cost of sales, as well as overall system costs. There is no expectation that you offer our products exclusively or first. As an independent integrator you should make the best recommendations of product for your customers' projects.

    There is no initial cost or obligation to join our SI Program. There are 2 levels within the program - Registered and Authorized. Registered Integrator benefits start when you sign up, and greatly increase if you reach Authorized Integrator status.

    Registered Integrator Benefits

    • Co-Marketing. Your company is listed on our website, and we provide reasonable quantities of free marketing materials, product literature, or loans of demo products for trade shows. You can promote your company as a Registered SoftPLC Integrator in your marketing materials and website.
    • Free Support. We don't charge our integrators for technical support. As our partner in helping to promote and sell our products, we make it easy for you to support our mutual customers and prospects.
    • Discounts. You can purchase certain products at a discount.

    Authorized Integrator Benefits

    Integrators with Authorized status receive these added benefits:

    • Leads. When customer prospects in your area (geographical or industry specialization) request integration assistance for a project, SoftPLC will provide an introduction.
    • Enhanced Co-Marketing. Favored listing on our website, opportunities for publication of application stories in our newsletter and on our website. Promote your company as an Authorized SoftPLC Integrator in your marketing materials and website.
    • Development Software. Receive a fully licensed TOPDOC NexGen (Cat No TDNG-FN) and SoftPLC Web Studio development software (Cat No SSD-15) for your own use on a consigned basis (eg: not for resale/transfer to any other party).
    • Demo Hardware. Select a SoftPLC controller or Protocol Gateway for your own use on a consigned basis (eg: not for resale/transfer to any other party).
    • Premium Support. No update or annual support fees on consignment software/firmware as long you maintain your status as an Authorized Systems Integrator and have a good credit history.
    • Deeper Discounts. Purchase software and hardware products at attractive discounts.
    • Project Registration Commissions. Authorized Integrators may register projects with SoftPLC. In the event SoftPLC wins the business for a registered project, but the customer uses another integrator or does the project themselves, you will receive a finder's fee.

    Registering is Easy!

    Simply complete and submit the application to become a Registered Integrator. Benefits begin once your application has been accepted.

    Becoming Authorized

    Qualified Integrators can achieve/retain Authorized Integrator status by agreeing to the following:

    • One-time Program Fee. Remit a one-time, non-refundable fee of $2,500. This fee is a confirmation of your intent to become a long-term partner with SoftPLC and helps cover the costs of consignment software and hardware.
    • Annual Commitment. Use SoftPLC products in at least 2 end user accounts that have not previously used that SoftPLC product. Alternatively, integrators can pay a fee of $500 to maintain their authorized status.