Partners : Distributors/Sales Reps


SoftPLC Reseller Programs

SoftPLC Corporation products are locally sold and supported through our complementary Reseller Partners which include:

  • Distributors
  • Sales Representatives

Use our Reseller Locator to find the SoftPLC Reseller nearest to you.

Distributor/Sales Representative openings are available! If you are a distributor of high technology products, and are interested in becoming an Authorized SoftPLC Reseller, please contact us.

    Authorized Distributor Program


    SoftPLC Corporation does not enter into distributor relationships casually - we want to form long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships. We believe in limited distribution within a geographical territory, and only appoint the minimum number of distributors sufficient to:

    • Achieve sales and support objectives for SoftPLC Corporation products within the authorized territory
    • Ensure each Distributor has reasonable opportunity for reward and to have a profitable relationship with SoftPLC

    In order to help ensure our distributors are successful, we provide the following to our distributors:

    • Attractive discount policy
    • No minimum stocking requirements
    • Consigned software for demonstrations and customer support
    • Unlimited technical support and updates for consignment software
    • Existing customer information and leads for qualified prospects
    • Distributor email newsletter
    • Joint sponsorship of sales seminars
    • Reasonable quantities of product brochures and other marketing materials
    • Technically superior, high-quality, feature-rich products
    • Mutually-Cooperative Authorized Systems Integrator Program

    Appointment Criteria

    SoftPLC Corporation products are considered "high-tech" and customers expect our Distributors to provide technical sales expertise, application support, and to be a local contact for customer support. Therefore, SoftPLC distributors should meet the following criteria:

    • Have the sales and technical capability to create demand, market, sell and properly recommend SoftPLC Corporation's products for customer applications
    • Represent other vendors who provide complimentary products and services that support the marketing and application efforts of SoftPLC Corporation's Core Product Strategy
    • Have the ability to provide local customer service and basic technical support services through one or more SoftPLC product "experts" on staff

    Sales Representatives

    SoftPLC Corporation truly recognizes the value of technically capable Sales Representative Agencies that support a limited number of complementary product lines within a territory. We don't have regional sales offices, so our committment to Sales Representatives is much stronger than many vendors.

    Sales Representatives work with the Authorized Distributors and System Integrator Partners within their territory to increase and support SoftPLC business. We provide Sales Representatives with these tools:

    • Demo Equipment
    • Training
    • Product Brochures

    If interested, please contact us to discuss Representation.