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SoftPLC Corporation is an industrial control provider of Programmable Automation Controllers and I/O, protocol converters, RTU/data loggers, IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) support for remote systems, HMI/SCADA systems and related equipment.

We have extensive experience in the development of open architecture, productivity enhancing control products. Our cutting-edge software and hardware are truly ahead of their time -- they not only address industry's current requirements, but anticipate future needs. Every SoftPLC Corporation product is designed to establish new, higher performance benchmarks. Committment to providing solutions to industry's control problems goes beyond supplying superior products, and SoftPLC is dedicated to a total customer support program, where customer service comes first.

Our products have been used extensively in a wide variety of applications and industries throughout the world. SoftPLC based systems generate over 8% of the electrical power for the USA and handle 60% of the water production/treatment applications in Taiwan. SoftPLC Corporation has gained a reputation of being among the most innovative and highest quality software developers in the industrial sector. Many "industry firsts" have been incorporated into our products over the past 38 years.

Business Strategy

SoftPLC Corporation's products are marketed through a number of complementary channels; High Technology Distributors, Systems Integrators, Direct Sales, Strategic Partners, and OEM's. SoftPLC Corporation authorized resellers are located throughout the world to provide local support to our customers.

SoftPLC Corporation's products have been developed to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers whether their business is a small automation firm, a governmental utility, a small/medium manufacturer, or a large multi-national manufacturing concern. At SoftPLC Corporation, we sincerely believe our mission is to provide leadership in industrial automation technology through innovation, quality, and legendary customer service.

SoftPLC Mission Statement

We consistently invest well over the industry norm of our revenues to research and development -- enabling us to continue to provide creative and leading edge technology and productivity to our customers.


Since it takes more than technology to meet industrial customers' needs, we employ experienced and dedicated people in the design, development, and support of our industrial software solutions. Our team of applications and industrial control experts ensure that our solutions meet your organization's unique needs.

SoftPLC Corporation is extremely nimble. We can often quickly and inexpensively modify existing products, add functions, or interface to another vendor's product to provide customers an optimal solution to their application challenges.

History/Corporate Structure

SoftPLC Corporation is a privately held, woman owned Texas Corporation based near Austin, Texas. SoftPLC was founded in 1983 as Tele-Denken Resources, Inc. by Richard Hollenbeck, who continues to serve as President and CTO. In 1996, the company name was changed to better focus on our future - and our flagship technology - SoftPLC®.