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SoftPLC NeoPAC now available!

Last update on June 26, 2020.

SoftPLC NeoPAC now available!

A new family of SoftPLC controllers and gateways is now available - the NeoPAC.

Packed with the features of our other SoftPLC's, the NeoPAC provides a powerful platform for:

  • Machine control - Great for OEM's!
  • Protocol Converter - serial to ethernet and/or to Allen-Bradley "blue hose" Remote I/O or Data Highway Plus
  • Cellular RTU - Combined with TagWell, you can monitor and control remotely located systems at very low cost
  • Data Logger
  • and more!

The NeoPAC is the lowest cost option for Allen-Bradley PLC migrations and RIO/DH+ gateways on the market.  It also can be used with serial/ethernet ...

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