Enhanced Ethernet/IP Driver for SoftPLC v4.6

Last update on Nov. 5, 2018.

Now Available for all SoftPLC controllers version 4.6 and later is an enhanced Ethernet/IPTM driver.  SoftPLC can act as an Ethernet/IP generic device (adapter), or as a scanner (master).  A SoftPLC can also be used to simulate a Logix PLC for simulation/testing/training purposes.  Features of the Ethernet/IP driver include:

  • Five millisecond timing granularity
  • I/O scanner: up to 128 total originating i/o connections to as many target slaves as needed.
    • each i/o connection may have its own forward open timeout, RPI timeout multiplier, connection type, connection trigger type,
    • each i/o connection half may have its RPI, size, target and originating assembly, and realtime format.
  • Up to 2048 I/O connection bytes (determined by the size of the SoftPLC runtime license)
  • Up to 20 target i/o connections in the form of exclusive owner
  • Up to 3 input only i/o connections
  • Up to 2 listen only i/o connections
  • I/O connections may be unicast or multicast
  • Explicit messaging server supporting:
    • assembly class 0x04 instances
    • symbol class 0x6b instances -  This lets a SoftPLC runtime look like a Rockwell PLC/PAC to HMI's. A descriptor tag may be exported as a CIP symbol and it is tied to a unique assembly instance when exported.
  • Up to 1000 words per assembly

For more information or instructions regarding firmware updates, contact SoftPLC.

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