Web Studio Ver 8 Now Available

Last update on Feb. 11, 2016.

SoftPLC Web Studio SCADA/HMI software version 8 is now available and downloadable from http://softplc.com/support/resources/software/.  Existing customers should contact sales for license upgrade procedures/cost prior to downloading/installing the updated software, you will need to provide your registration number(s).

Features of Web Studio version 8 include (among other enhancements/bug fixes):

  • Support for Windows10, as well as current releases of Windows Embedded, Windows Embedded Compact, and Windows Server
  • Embedded HTML5 Thin Client for multiple operating systems - including a Linux client that runs in SoftPLC (see IoTPAC)
  • Mobile Thin Client support for scripting, screen groups (header, footer, menu, etc.), popup/dialog screen styles, & more 
  • Support for any Web (HTTP) Server using CGI interfaces 
  • OPC Server Hot Standby support 
  • Cascading, high­ reliability DA/XML/UA/OPC redundancy including dynamic control/monitoring per connection 
  • 1000+ Free Linked Symbols 
  • Support for revision control & team based application development 
  • Native interface to save/ retrieve data to/from Wonderware Historian, Schneider Unity Modbus & others 
  • Built-­in script functions to access information about online alarms during runtime

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