State Logic Programming

Last update on Sept. 5, 2015.

The SoftPLC C++ Programmer's Toolkit has been enhanced to provide comprehensive support for State Logic Programming.

State Logic is a great way to apply C++ to control applications, while at the same time sharing measured and calculated variables with HMI's via our standard protocols.  Finite State Machines (FSM) are known to be easy to troubleshoot because their "problem search space" is small and focused.

Features include:

  • State transition monitor for debugging.
  • State dwell timer. Applicable to every state machine and every state tells how long any FSM has been in its current state.
  • No limit to how many FSMs per TLM. No limit to how many TLMs with FSMs.
  • FSMs from different TLMs can share variables by locating them in the datatable.  Variables can be either private to TLM or shared in datatable.
  • Shared variables can be bool, int16_t, float32_t, array of int16_t, array of float32_t, and structures.

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