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SDI-12 Interface for Micro SoftPLC

Last update on Sept. 5, 2015.

SDI-12 Interface for Micro SoftPLC

We now offer a "daughter-board" (Cat.No. SPBB-6DI2SP1AI) for the Micro SoftPLC, Model BB, that provides an SDI-12 interface, battery power connection and health monitoring, and six additional digital inputs.

This combination is a great solution for applications where monitoring, logging and reporting on environmental conditions is required. SoftPLC provides flexible data log file formats (eg: CSV, encrypted, customer specified)and storage options (eg: USB drive, SD flash and/or remote systems).  Add a modem and the Micro SoftPLC can cost effectively provide the sensor data via email or via our TagWell cloud platform to remote web pages, databases, or ...

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