SoftPLC Version 4.6 /TOPDOC Version 1.6 Now Available

Last update on Sept. 5, 2015.

We’re excited to announce the release of the x.6 versions of SoftPLC and TOPDOC. 

TOPDOC version 1.6 provides a number of new features, including:

  • Added GUI Smart Tealware I/O configuration editor
  • Added GUI Modbus Master/Slave serial configuration editors
  • Enhanced ModbusTCP configuration editor to support Smart Adapters
  • Updated Detect On Net to recognize Ethernet I/O adapters and display their TCP/IP addresses
  • PLC Configuration “Define” supports selection of all SoftPLC models

SoftPLC version 4.6 is a major upgrade that also includes a major upgrade to Gatecraft Linux (the operating system on your SoftPLC’s). The key enhancement was a restructuring of how we build the system, which adds a “Package Manager” capability. This provides an easy remote upgrade capability for your SoftPLC’s. If you are not familiar with Package Managers, you can read about them at We will be establishing a repository on the internet from which you will be able to get updates to SoftPLC, Gatecraft Linux, and also TLM’s such as drivers and new loadable instructions.

The SoftPLC Programmer’s Toolkit has also been upgraded to support SoftPLC version 4.6.

Note: TOPDOC version 1.6 is required for use with SoftPLC Version 4.6, to support the added communication functions for Detect on Net.

Contact SoftPLC technical support at for more information on the upgrades and procedures to update your products.

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